A Definitive Ranking Of U.S. States Based On Their Official Foods

Whose job is it to come up with ~official~ state foods? Because I want that job.

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Believe it or not, many states have at least one official food, and some are more delicious than others. New York state, for example, has an official state fruit (apple), an official state muffin (apple muffin), and an official state snack (yogurt). The following ranking is scientifically backed, completely unbiased, and will henceforth be considered law.

37. New York

State Fruit: Apple
State Muffin: Apple Muffin
State Snack: Yogurt

I’m really disappointed in you, New York. What about pizza? What about bagels? I see what you did there with the apple thing, but who are you fooling with yogurt? Just for that, you lose. (But I still love you forever)

36. North Dakota

State Fruit: Chokecherry

This sounds like a trap.

35. Tennessee

State Fruit: Tomato
State Commercial Fish: Catfish

(For those who haven’t had hot chicken, it will rule your world, and then you’ll regret everything a few hours later. Bonus points if you’re in a house with one bathroom and 10 people who just ate it.)

34. Ohio

State Fruit: Tomato
State Native Fruit: PawPaw

If you have no idea what a PawPaw fruit looks like, here you go.

33. Kentucky

State Fruit: Blackberry

Maybe if they’re soaked in bourbon. Then that would be a very Kentucky blackberry.

32. Idaho

State Food: Potatoes
State Fruit: Huckleberry

I confess that I may not have been aware that a huckleberry was actually a real thing and I really want to eat some now.

31. New Jersey

State Fruit: Northern Highbush Blueberry

Specific blueberry is specific.

30. West Virginia

State Food: Pepperoni Roll
State Fruit: Golden Delicious apple

Is a pepperoni roll more like a pizza roll or a hot pocket?

29. New Hampshire

State Fruit: Pumpkin
State Veggie: White Potato

Had no idea pumpkins were fruits until this point in time.

28. Utah

State Fruit: Cherry
State Historic Veggie: Sugar Beet
State Snack: Jell-O
State Veggie: Spanish Sweet Onion

But what is a historic vegetable, tho?

27. Washington

State Fruit: Apple
State Veggie: Walla Walla sweet onion

Ooo eee ooo ah ah ting tang walla walla bing bang.

26. Indiana

State Pie: Sugar Cream

Also known as a Hoosier pie. Might cause diabetes. Don’t care.

25. Arkansas

State Fruit/Veggie: South Arkansas Vine Ripe Pink Tomato
State Grain: Rice
State Grape: Cynthiana
State Nut: Pecan

Worth noting that Arkansas also has a state cooking vessel, the dutch oven.

24. Missouri

State Dessert: Ice Cream Cone
State Tree Nut: Eastern Black Walnut
State Grape: Norton/Cynthiana Grape

These grapes look like velvet. I want to touch them.

23. Delaware

State Dessert: Peach Pie

Shut up, take my money, and get me a slice, please.

22. New Mexico

State Cookie: Bizcochito
State Veggies: Chile and Frijoles

Bizcochitos sound like fancier, better snickerdoodles and I’m wondering where they’ve been all my life.

21. Maine

State Dessert: Blueberry Pie Made With Wild Maine Blueberries
State Fruit: Wild Blueberry
State Treat: Whoopie Pie
State Herb: Wintergreen

Maine has a thing for blueberries, but only if they’re wild. Also, they have a festival completely dedicated to whoopie pies. Field trip, anyone?

20. Louisiana

State Fruit: Strawberry
State Jellies: Mayhaw Jelly and Louisiana Sugar Cane Jelly
State Meat Pie: Natchitoches Meat Pie
State Veggie: Sweet Potato
Crustacean: Crawfish
State Doughnut: Beignet

Let’s talk about how Louisiana has an official meat pie, and it has a festival.

19. Connecticut

State Shellfish: Eastern Oyster

I’ve never been able to get on the oyster bandwagon. It looks like a loogie. But, I can respect ‘em. (Especially if they’re fried)

18. Wisconsin

State Fruit: Cranberry
State Grain: Corn
State Pastry: Kringle

I was confusing kringles with king cakes, but this looks much better because it doesn’t have to have raisins!

17. South Dakota

State Dessert: Kuchen
State Bread: Frybread

It seems like kuchen is a sort of cake/pie hybrid aka heaven. But the real gift here is frybread. It’s exactly what it sounds like.

16. Oregon

State Fruit: Pear
State Mushroom: Pacific Golden Chanterelle
State Nut: Hazelnut
State Crustacean: Dungeness Crab

I need to start eating hazlenuts without the chocolate.

15. Georgia

State Prepared Food: Grits
State Fruit: Peach
State Veggie: Sweet Vidalia Onion
State Crop: Peanut

Just make sure there’s cheese in them grits.

14. Alabama

State Nut: Pecan
State Fruit: Blackberry
State Tree Fruit: Peach
State Crustacean: Brown Shrimp

The fruits and the nut all make for delicious pies, but word is the “lane cake” might soon become the official state dessert.

13. Illinois

State Snack Food: Popcorn
State fruit: Goldrush Apple

Hard to top some good popcorn or a crisp apple.

12. North Carolina

State Blue Berry: Blueberry
State Red Berry: Strawberry
State Fruit: Scuppernong Grape
State Veggie: Sweet Potato

North Carolina really, really likes berries and aren’t the most creative at category names.

11. Virginia

State Muffin: Blueberry Muffin
State Dessert: Ice Cream

Boring and cliché, but tasty.

10. Rhode Island

State Drink: Coffee Milk
State Fruit: Rhode Island Greening Apple
State Appetizer: Calamari

Coffee milk sounds like the adult version of chocolate milk and I want it. Just not with my calamari.

9. Massachusetts

State Bean: Boston Baked Navy Bean
State Dessert: Boston Cream Pie
State Cookie: Chocolate Chip
State Doughnut: Boston Cream Doughnut

All hail Boston Cream.

8. Vermont

State Fruit: Apple
State Pie: Apple Pie

Maybe some variety but who can get mad at apple pie? Especially when legislature states that you should serve it with at least a glass of cold milk, a slice of cheddar cheese weighing a minimum of 1/2 an ounce, or a scoop of vanilla ice cream. Or maybe all of the above.

7. Minnesota

State Fruit: Honeycrisp Apple
State Grain: Wild Rice
State Muffin: Blueberry Muffin
State Mushroom: Morel

You know, I could go for some mushroom risotto right now, Minnesota.

6. Florida

State Pie: Key Lime Pie
State Fruit: Orange

Key lime pie is probably one of my favorite things that I always forget about. It’s worth noting though that key lime pie gelato is probably one of my least favorite things that I wish I could forget about.

5. Maryland

State Crustacean: Blue Crabs
State Dessert: Smith Island Cake

Get in my belly.

4. South Carolina

State Snack Food: Boiled Peanuts
State Fruit: Peach
State Veggie: Collard Greens

I almost made South Carolina win for Boiled Peanuts alone because they have my heart (they’ve gotta be new crop, though). Also, fun fact: South Carolina produces more peaches than Georgia!

3. California

State Fruit: Avocado
State Grain: Rice
State Nut: Almond
State Veggie: Artichoke

I feel like all of these things together would make something super nutritious and delicious.

2. Oklahoma

State Meal: BBQ Pulled Pork
State Meal: Sausages and Gravy
State Meal: Fried Okra
State Meal: Grits
State Meal: Chicken Fried Steak
State Meal: Squash
State Bean: Black Eyed Peas
State Treat: Cornbread
State Dessert: Pecan Pie
State Fruit: Strawberries
State Veggie: Watermelon

If watermelon is a vegetable, my life is a lie. Also, SIX OFFICIAL STATE MEALS?! Also, someone please get me some pecan pie, stat. And cornbread.

1. Texas

State Dish: Chili
State Fruit: Texas Red Grapefruit
State Health Nut: Native Pecan
State Pastries: Sopaipilla and Strudel
State Pepper: Jalapeño
State Native Pepper: Chiltepin
State Snack: Tortilla Chips and Salsa
State Veggie: Sweet onion
State Pie: Pecan Pie
State Squash: Pumpkin
State Bread: Pan de Campo
State Cobbler: Peach Cobler

Holy moly, Texas. You know how to make a girl salivate. But…what is a health nut, tho? I don’t care. YOU WIN, TEXAS. YOU. WIN.

DISQUALIFIED: Alaska, Arizona, Hawaii, Iowa, Kansas, Michigan, Mississippi, Montana, Nebraska, Nevada, Pennsylvania and Wyoming

None of these states have any ~official~ foods, so they are all disqualified BYE.

Honorable Mention: Colorado

Colorado Cinnamon Roll Day

An elementary school student made an effort to make it the official pastry of Colorado, and while the governor didn’t oblige, he did make January 8th Colorado Cinnamon Roll Day.

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Who wants to take a delicious road trip?


This post has been updated to include pepperoni rolls as the state food of West Viriginia.

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