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The 18 Best Matthew McConaughey GIFs Of 2012

Between Magic Mike, Killer Joe, The Paperboy, and Bernie, Matthew McConaughey had an amazing year. He also got naked -- a lot. (Some NSFW content ahead.)

The 25 Best Jennifer Lawrence Quotes Of 2012

"You should start exercising your vagina."

The 22 Times Kristen Stewart Smiled In 2012

Believe or not, KStew's mouth actually CAN curve upward! Here's the complete guide to her latest grins.

The 69 Most Hammable Moments Of 2012

Ranked in order of Hammability.

23 Inspiring Things Celebrities Did This Year

Sometimes celebrities use their fame for good. These are those times.

25 Ways Anderson Cooper Kicked Ass This Year

From Twitter to his talk show, Cooper was a tour de force.

The Highs And (Many) Lows Of Lindsay Lohan

2012 was supposed to be her comeback year.

11 Celebrities From The '90s Who Resurfaced In 2012

Whether for good or bad, these almost-forgotten celebrities fought the good fight and made their way into our pop-culture brains again.

The 30 Most Outrageous Donald Trump Tweets Of 2012

This year, Trump weighed in on the important issues: government spending, global warming, and Robsten.

18 Best Lana Del Rey-Isms Of 2012

LDR says some pretty dramatic things. But it's okay, Lana. We're here for you. These are all quotes from Lana Del Rey's interviews or monologues.

Why True Love Died In 2012

The following 15 breakups made us question everything we know about love.

30 Things We Learned About Kate Upton In 2012

She's much more than just a swimsuit model.

The 69 Most Mouthwatering Ryan Gosling Moments Of The Year

Presented in timeline form, here's every single delicious Ryan Gosling moment from 2012.

James Franco's 17 Weirdest Creative Projects From 2012

Get this man a MoMA retrospective!

The 33 Most WTF Celeb Photos Of The Year

'Twas a good year in weird celebrity pictures.

The Best And Worst Celebrity Instagrams Of The Year

All the famous Instagram accounts that you need to see from 2012 described as yearbook superlatives.

The 20 Most Satisfying Reunions Of 2012

We saw many happy reunions of things we loved from our past this year — these are the ones that made our hearts grow the most!

What Christina Aguilera Taught Us About Haters In 2012

She's still a fighter all these years later.

40 Ways Beyoncé Ran The World In 2012

Oh, you thought this wasn't Beyoncé's year? WRONG. Every year is Beyoncé's year.

Emma Stone And Andrew Garfield Won 2012

Best couple of the year, hands down.

30 Lessons We Learned From Amy Poehler In 2012

AKA how to be a perfect human being.

Quiz: What Celebrity Tweeted This?

2012 was a great year for truly weird celebrity tweets. How well do you know your celebrity tweeters?

25 Biggest Celebrity Scandals Of 2012

This year was slow in sex tapes, but heavy in arrests. Let's reminisce about this year's celebrity hullabaloos.

19 Lessons Learned From Amanda Bynes' Year Of Bad Decisions

So many poor choices, so little time.

26 Things Rihanna Didn't Apologize For In 2012

Rihanna released an album called Unapologetic this year, and she also did a lot of things she never apologized for. Like such as...

Why Tom Hanks Had His Most Awesome Year Yet

Because he did awesome things and in general was just an awesome person and things were awesome everywhere he went.

The 45 Most WTF Red Carpet Moments Of 2012

Counting down the most bizarre looks seen on the red carpet over the past year.

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