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Emma Stone And Andrew Garfield Won 2012

Best couple of the year, hands down.

'Twas the year of Stonefield, the best couple currently in existence.

The two of them together is perfection.

And 2012 was THEIR YEAR to shine.

They did adorable things together, like going to Disneyland:

Where they rode Splash Mountain...

And wore cute little hats:

They also did awesome things like using the paparazzi to promote a good cause.

They even sang together and spoke in German.

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Hey, look at this photo of them being silly:

And this one of them laughing at a probably really funny joke.

Multiple times this year they stared into each other's eyes:


OK, moving on.

There's this photo, where Emma loved that Andrew was making faces at the paparazzi:

And this one of them enjoying gelato together in Italy.

Here's another pic of them being silly together:

And this GIF of Emma dancing while Andrew laughs:

Now, blow on her hair.