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The Highs And (Many) Lows Of Lindsay Lohan

2012 was supposed to be her comeback year.

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Feb. 22: Lindsay gets praised by a judge for being in the "home stretch" of her probationary period and fulfilling her requirements of community service and therapy sessions.

May 15: Lindsay appears in the nationals episode of "Glee" as a broken blowup doll alongside Perez Hilton. Not surprisingly, the shoot was drama-filled with rumors that Lohan was less than professional — showing up late to shoots.

June 5: Lindsay's nipple makes a surprise appearance on the set of "Liz & Dick." Apparently it was trying to make a comeback after its embarrassing spread in Playboy.

Oct. 10: Lindsay and Dina fight in the wee hours of the morning after partying all night in NYC. A call to 911 says that Lindsay is being held against her will.

In summary: It was a pretty good year.

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