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Here Are All The Glorious Moments Of Harry Styles Kissing Another Man And Niall Showing His Butt

At first there were just photos from the U.K.'s A League Of Their Own when One Direction went on the show and did some crazy stuff. Now here are the live-action versions.

The World's Most Beautiful Side-Butt

Last night Gwyneth Paltrow — fresh off of her People magazine title of "World's Most Beautiful Woman" — walked down the red carpet and exposed some of her butt. Side-butt, even.

The Metropolitan Museum Of Butts

This Tumblr puts the "fine" back into "fine arts." Haha, butts!

The Funniest Butts In The American Apparel Butt Contest [NSFW]

American Apparel may be holding a contest for the best butts in their skivvies, but don’t think it’s all self-serving softcore porn! Some of these butts are SRSLY FUNNY!

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