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The 29 Most Important Twerking Moments Of 2013

A year defined by America's new favorite butt dance.

This Is The Only Art Lesson You'll Ever Need

Step aside, fluffy little clouds.

27 Delicious Gluten-Free Breakfast Pastries

You will not believe how good gluten-free cinnamon buns can look.

New "Divergent" Poster Continues Long Tradition Of Gratuitous Butt Poses

So does Hollywood just think this is how ladies casually stand about?

British Rowing Team Strips Down Once Again To Fight Homophobia

It's a beautiful day for fighting bullies. (NSFWish, because butts.)

Kanye West Is Really Proud Of Kim Kardashian

Of her ass, that is. I'm sorry, her fashionable ass.

Jake Gyllenhaal Is A Man With A Bun

Following in the footsteps of Bradley Cooper, Jake Gyllenhaal has become a member of the man-bun club.

Louis Tomlinson Was The Victim Of A Surprise Butt Slap

The One Direction bandmate was not happy to have his butt touched by a stranger.

Here Are All The Glorious Moments Of Harry Styles Kissing Another Man And Niall Showing His Butt

At first there were just photos from the U.K.'s A League Of Their Own when One Direction went on the show and did some crazy stuff. Now here are the live-action versions.

Lady Gaga's Butt Was The True Star Of The VMAs

Gaga's butt, it is a thing of beauty.

The Video For The New Flo Rida And Pitbull Song Is All Butts

Seriously, it's like nothing but butts.

11 Sock Buns That Went Beyond The Call Of Duty

It's the most ubiquitous hair trend on the internet, but this simple bun contains multitudes.

Bradley Cooper's Bun Is Back

Buns of steel, more like buns in his hair.

The World's Most Beautiful Side-Butt

Last night Gwyneth Paltrow — fresh off of her People magazine title of "World's Most Beautiful Woman" — walked down the red carpet and exposed some of her butt. Side-butt, even.

The Metropolitan Museum Of Butts

This Tumblr puts the "fine" back into "fine arts." Haha, butts!

What Are Our Butts Trying To Say?

"It was a butt tweet" is the cool new explainer for things you tweeted but probably shouldn't have. But what if it really WAS a butt tweet? What if our butts have something to tell us?

The Butt Jennifer Lawrence Doesn't Want To Take Credit For Is Actually Hers

After further review, it seems that even though Jennifer Lawrence might believe she had an imposter butt in a photo of her in a bikini, the "90-year-old butt" is indeed her very own toosh.

Kylie Minogue Cheekily Bares Butt

It's a parody commercial for "body insurance." WARNING: Lots of bare butt.

Gwen Stefani: Queen Of Buns

No one in modern times has done more for bun-based hairstyles than Gwen. If a Gwen Stefani hair-themed diner ever opened, here's what would be on the menu.

Dr. Oz Episode About Butts Features Real-Life, Actual Butts

Yesterday's episode of Dr. Oz was dedicated to butts and as such, a group of 20 or so women stripped down and let it all hang loose for the sake of TV.

33 Photos Of Corgi Butts

Fun fact! Corgi butts in Japan are called "momo" because they resemble peaches.

The Funniest Butts In The American Apparel Butt Contest [NSFW]

American Apparel may be holding a contest for the best butts in their skivvies, but don’t think it’s all self-serving softcore porn! Some of these butts are SRSLY FUNNY!

Man Tried To Reconcile The Age-Old Hot Dogs to Buns Ratio

One man brings together customer service reps from Wonderbread and Oscar Myer to resolve one of the world's greatest dilemmas: hot dogs=10 to a pack, buns=8 to a pack

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