11 Sock Buns That Went Beyond The Call Of Duty

It’s the most ubiquitous hair trend on the internet, but this simple bun contains multitudes.

Sock buns are the Mason jar of hairstyles.

Pinterest definitely thinks you should do one.

This is allegedly how they work.


And yet this is the role that they all too often fulfill in our society.

Beautiful, effortless expectation vs. cold, unfeeling reality.

But it doesn’t have to be that way!

1. There’s the reindeer sock bun.

So festive.

2. The donut sock bun.


3. The baby sock bun.

Maternal instincts!!

4. The Great Red Sock Bun of ‘74.

They’ll whisper tales of it for years to come.

5. The crafty sock bun.

As writer Kellie Hogan puts it, “If the yarn starts to unravel throughout the day, that’s okay! You can just tell people that it’s a metaphor for the slow and beautiful unraveling of your life.”

6. The endlessly recursive sock bun.

Oh, the perils of mirror-selfies.

7. The sock bun with a mind of its own.

8. The ennui-riddled dinner plate sock bun.

By Alexander McQueen

9. The boyfriend sock bun.

It’s the new boyfriend jeans.

10. If all else fails, sock bun-ify your cat.

11. And if you’re really committed to doing it yourself, here are truly foolproof directions.

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