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Dos And Don'ts Of Delivering Feedback

It's performance review time... are you ready for it?

Kristofer Pistillo • One year ago

4 Tips On How To Write A Self Evaluation As Told With Puppies

Performance Reviews Start January 9th, 2019!

Kristofer Pistillo • One year ago

I Am, But I Am Not (October 2017)

A panel discussion featuring each of our ERGs (A*POP, Amigo Latinos, B.I.O, Halal Cart, OUT, & Women@) in NY. The conversation will focus on our identities - how it's shaped the individuals we are and how it gives us different perspectives on what's going on in the world.

Annie Yu • One year ago
Annie Yu • 2 years ago

How A Stranger On The Subway Taught Me About Gratitude

Of the 8.4 million people in NYC, I'm glad I ran into this one.

Annie Yu • 3 years ago

Do You Still Run On And On And On And On?

Short emails are more likely to get read - important details in long emails get glossed over.

Annie Yu • 3 years ago

Who Are You Really Talking To?

It's no surprise people are different. Have a person in mind and take this quiz to find out their "personality type" and how to communicate and work better with them.

Annie Yu • 3 years ago

What Kind Of Coworker Are You Actually?

The whole "team" thing might not be your cup of tea

Regis Courtemanche • 3 years ago

21 Crucial Tips To Become A Dim Sum Pro

It can be overwhelming when you're surrounded by tons of little delicious dishes and your food is running away from you on four wheels.

Annie Yu • 4 years ago
Regis Courtemanche • 4 years ago