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    BuzzFeed Employees Share Their Personal Brand Statements

    What is their competitive edge?

    A personal brand statement describes what you value and what separates you from others. Check out what some of our BuzzFeeders include in their own brand statements!

    Swati Vauthrin, Director of Engineering

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    "So my personal brand is being an influential engineering leader who is also not afraid to challenge the status quo. Being a woman and also a minority in Engineering is something that I bring to the table..."

    Brenda Blanco, Producer- BFMP

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    "...Multi-talented person who does not fear challenges or changes, but they also know that I know my limits and I know when and how to say no and how to speak up for myself when it is necessary...My work looks genuine and it is for a reason. It is coming from the heart of a proud Colombian. From the heart of the proud Latina, who loves how she looks, how she sounds, and hopes that those watching learns how to do that for themselves."

    Regis Courtemanche, Director of Learning and Enrichment

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    "My personal brand is passionate, positive, and authentic. What you see is what you get, and I have no time for haters."

    Will Varner, Illustration Director

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    "My brand is people power! I believe that people are full of limitless potential and creative solutions and that if you nurture the right environment they will work miracles..."

    Manuela Barem, Founding Editor- Brasil

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    "...I am known among my colleagues by my creativity and my inspiration to develop content and try new formats. One thing that differentiates me is that I am totally passionate about help[ing] people to find their own voices and be happy when they are working..."

    Monica Hare, Vice President, Global Client Services

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    "To be an authentic,collaborative, and impactful company leader, focused on developing and nurturing strong teams and talent."

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