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21 Crucial Tips To Become A Dim Sum Pro

It can be overwhelming when you're surrounded by tons of little delicious dishes and your food is running away from you on four wheels.

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2. Don't worry about getting lost in the crowd if you arrive separately.

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They'll find you before you've even walked in. You'll hear multiple people screaming your name and waving frantically. It's a nice way to be welcomed.

4. Get excited to spend hours eating and catching-up with people.

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One of the best parts is that you never feel rushed to give up your table and you can just keep on eating and eating! And taking breaks to talk to people of course.


5. Pour tea for everyone else before you pour your own.

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Typically, pour for the oldest person at the table first. Even if you noticed they haven't been drinking a lot of their tea, it's still a polite gesture to make.

6. Thank the person who's pouring your tea by tapping your finger(s) on the table.

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The story behind this gesture is that a Chinese emperor tapped his fingers as a "thank you" in public restaurants to conceal his identity. Think of it as your fingers bowing.


18. If there are adults, wait as they fight over the check. They will get loud and aggressive.

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Don't worry, they're supposed to do this. This is an actual photo of my aunt wrestling my mom for the bill. Yes, even family throws elbows. Shout out to my cousin Lisa whose mom won.

20. The bill gets paid at the register and tip is left at the table.

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I like to leave the tip between the teapot lid and the teapot. Make sure you have cash because some places don't accept card or will charge a fee.