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    38 Things That’ll Practically Keep Your Home Clean For You

    If you're lazy like me, you will want to read this...

    1. A TubShroom that'll assist in keeping your drain clog free by trapping all rogue hair and anything that probs shouldn't be taking a trip down there.

    person shows how tub shroom collects hair

    2. And! A cult-favorite drain snake if your drain is in fact already clogged and you need to clean it out before inserting a drain catcher.

    drain snake after removing hair from drain

    3. A foldable cutting board so after you chop your veggies you can easily transport them to the pan. It's time to stop sliding them off of your cutting board with your knife and only half of 'em actually making it into the pan...

    Foldable cutting board transporting veggies to pan

    4. A pet hair–removal glove to keep yourself from finding your pup's hair all over your spotless hardwood floors. They'll enjoy this stimulating massage and you'll enjoy ridding them of the fur that would have eventually fallen onto your clean floors.

    gloves after collecting fur off dog

    5. A storage bean bag chair so they can keep all their plush friends stowed and also enjoy a comfortable seat while they are keeping the playroom mess free.

    6. A simple dryer vent cleaning kit and brush because odds are there is an overabundance of lint in your dryer vents that you don't even know is there. (You can even attach a drill to it for more cleaning power and efficiency.)

    lint collected from dryer vent kit

    7. A scrap collector to attach at the edge of your counter so you can effortlessly swipe scraps into this handy waste bin (instead of struggling over to the trash).

    person swipes food scraps into bin

    8. A splatter guard for avoiding any splashes of pasta sauce onto your beloved white sweater while cooking — or onto your precious clean stove top.

    splatter guard on pan

    9. An adjustable blind duster to clean tough-to-reach places like blinds and car vents from the rogue dust that can start to build up over time.

    blind duster cleaning the blinds

    10. A magnetic key holder because it's finally time to stop losing your keys and having a mild crisis when trying to retrace your steps.

    cloud key holder holds car keys

    11. A bottle of Goo Gone to help remove tacky adhesive that just doesn't want to take a hike. Ever try to remove stickers from your laptop? This will take care of every last bit of sticky residue.

    12. A pack of biodegradable cleaning wipes you can keep handy for efficiently wiping up stains and small messes. Keep a container in your car for whenever your dash gets a little bit dusty or you spill your diet coke on the console (been there, done that).

    13. A can of Bar Keepers cookware polish to keep your pots and pans spotless from grease stains and most definitely the baked-on tomato sauce you just can't seem to scrub off...

    pan after using cookware polish

    14. A cutlery organizing tray for ~finally~ organizing your utensil drawer from the hot mess express it's been since you moved in.

    cutlery organizing tray

    15. A hanger stacker so grabbing a hanger for that new dress you bought can be easy and "fight-free." You know what it's like to try to tango with a jumble of twisted's truly the fight of all fights.

    16. A set of non-stick oven liners that'll ensure any excess drippings or crumbs from your cooked meals don't stay burning at the bottom of the oven floor.

    oven liner in oven

    17. A pack of stainless steel cleaning wipes for keeping all of your appliances like your refrigerator, dishwasher, and sink free of watermarks, stains, and fingerprints.

    18. A shoe organizer — perfect for rooms where you don't have a ton of closet space and want to maximum the under bed room you have. This will keep shoes safely stowed and organized whenever you're looking for that one specific pair.

    under bed shoe storage organizer

    19. Or an over-the-door shoe organizer you can use for not just shoes to save on closet space, but practically anywhere in your home you need some additional space. Use this in your pantry for even more storage or in your bathroom for hosting your hair tools and toiletries.

    20. An oven cleaner that'll have it looking like you've never cooked one single meal in it. Remember those burnt on cookie bits? Gone.

    21. A Scotchgard protector you can spray on your chairs, couches, and pillows to prevent stains from any accidental spills.

    scotchguard protect helps prevent stain from spilled wine

    22. A paw-cleaning device to keep your furry friends' paws clean and free from mud that they often tend to drag into the house with them.

    23. A silicone sink strainer because no one needs a clogged sink from the leftover food that's rinsed off of your dinner plates going down their drain.

    silicone sink strainer

    24. A grill scrubber so you can say buh-bye to stuck on grease stains that tend to stay on the grill far longer than they should be.

    grill scrubber cleaning grill stains

    25. A tub of heavy-duty cleaning wipes because you'll need a saving grace when you accidentally spill your soda or precious dinner on the carpet. (These would've worked wonders for Kevin from The Office — just sayin'.)

    using towels to clean up stain on rug

    26. A pack of Glisten garbage disposer cleaner for keeping your food scrap dumping station crystal clean and free of gunk.

    using garbage disposal cleaner in sink

    27. A set of stainless steel curved hooks you can use to maximize various spaces in your home such as using them for hanging pots in the kitchen or hanging pants, belts, and bags in your closet.

    28. A shower curtain featuring nine mesh pockets to keep all those bathroom necessities from cluttering the corners of your shower and sink area.

    shower curtain with pocket storage

    29. A set of vacuum storage bags in case you're unwilling to part with your overabundance of sweatshirts and need to compact them to take up less precious room in your closet.

    30. An over-the-door hamper to stop letting your laundry collect in a heap in the corner of your bedroom floor.

    hamper on bathroom door

    31. A Bar Keepers multi-purpose cleaning solution you can use for a plethora of problems. Kiss sharpie marks, rust stains, counter scratches, and unwanted stains goodbye.

    32. A drawer divider set so you can "Marie Kondo" your dresser to keep particularly your undergarment drawers organized.

    drawer divider used for underwear and bras

    33. A wine stain–removing spray that can work on both fresh and dry stains so you can avoid any breakdowns that may ensue after spilling some wine on your fave top.

    34. A wooden desktop organizer since you'll want to keep your at-home office free from clutter so you can focus more on work and less about the sticky note, notebook mess staring you in the face.

    wooden desktop organizer

    35. A multi-outlet wall adapter to keep power strips off your floor, which can be a bit of an eyesore, and all of your wires from knotting together.

    36. A set of non-slip velvet hangers because we all have those tops that love to fall of the hangers time and time again...

    37. A bottle of Finish booster powder you can place with your old and somewhat crusty mugs with in the dishwasher so they come out the other side sparkling clean.

    before and after cleaning mugs with booster powder

    38. An unscented air purifying bag to keep in various places of your home to absorb bad odors that can linger (i.e. I'm looking at you pets).

    odor absorbing bag hanging in closet

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