Here's Your Ultimate Halloween 2022 ~*~Unique~*~ Costume Guide 🎃👻

    Tom Brady ripping up his retirement papers, a British citizen waiting in the queue to pay respects to Queen Elizabeth II, and more costume ideas for Halloween 2022.

    Halloween 2022 is almost here — and I don't know about you, but I'm a sucker for creative costumes. Here are 15 clever costume ideas that will stand out in any crowd!

    three witches

    1. Lizzo playing James Madison's crystal flute

    lizzo playing the historical flute on stage

    2. Corn

    man wearing a corn costume

    3. Adam Levine's alleged sexts

    very average white man, sandwich board, cringy sexts

    4. Dr. Oz shopping for crudités at Wegner's

    Dr. Oz holding a bunch of vegetables in his arms with other alternatives written on the side

    5. Teresa Giudice's wedding look

    teresa with tall hair and a tiara and her husband

    6. Tom Brady ripping up his retirement papers

    graphic of tom brady and the fully inflated football, ripped papers, and shades you could also use for props

    7. The Oscar that Will Smith won mere moments after he slapped Chris Rock

    closeup of the gold award

    8. Elon Musk holding a $44 billion check for the purchase of Twitter

    elon holding a poster board check, other props can be a phone and a shit-eating grin

    9. A British citizen waiting in the queue to pay respects to Queen Elizabeth II

    arrows pointing to a line, optional folding chair, informal black apparel

    10. HBO Max and Discovery+

    HBO and Discovery+ logos over faces while the couple holds hands

    11. Paris Hilton and Jimmy Fallon comparing their Bored Ape Yacht Club NFTs

    Paris and Jimmy during the interview, props include a sparkly green dress, black suit, bored ape cartoon and tonight show mug

    12. Chris Pine's disposable camera

    chris pine taking a photo with a disposable camera

    13. Harry Styles and his accent coach

    harry styles and an outfit Miranda Priestly would approve of

    14. Julia Fox's many wild outfits

    julia fox and her wild outfits that include all-leather, duct tape, and lots of bare skin
    julia in bikinis, denim looking leather dress, and a dress that looks like foil
    julia in denim outfits

    15. Man thrusting to the beat of Cbat by Hudson Mohawke

    awkward pelvic thrusts needed as well as condoms, and earphones

    Happy trick-or-treating! 🎃👻