Julia Fox Has Already Nailed Her Signature Style — Here Are Some Of Her Best Looks

    From barely-there tops to latex bodysuits.

    Julia Fox has only become a pop culture phenomenon in the past few months — but the amount of iconic outfits she's already racked up is impressive.

    julia fox heavy eyeshadow

    Here are some of Julia's most memorable looks:

    1. Julia's number one fashion rule is there can never be too much denim.

    Julia wears a denim bra, jeans and blazer

    2. Or showing too much skin.

    Julia wears a tight long black skirt and halter bra top

    3. This Oscars afterparty outfit had everyone in a chokehold...literally.

    Julia wears a leather gown which has a halter top that looks like a hand gripping her neck

    4. I have no idea how Julia managed to keep a top like this in place, but it's honestly impressive.

    Julia wears a very thin strip of red sequined material around her chest and a long black skirt

    5. Julia describes her style as "dominatrix couture," and she completely nailed it here.

    Julia wears latex crop top with a cut out showing her chest and a matching long back latex skirt

    6. And this bikini ruched gown combo perfectly encapsulated Julia's red carpet style.

    Julia wears a black gown with large cut outs revealing her hip and a bikini top under her outfit

    7. This is giving major Team Rocket vibes.

    Julia wears a very cropped white tank top, a micro mini skirt in the same material, long leather boots and gloves

    8. People were so obsessed with this barely-there denim look that Julia even shared a tutorial about how she did it.

    Julia wears low rise jeans, a very thin strip of denim around her chest and denim boots

    9. She even made a simple black set look unique.

    Julia wears low rise black knit pants and a long sleeve off the shoulder black top

    I mean, a moment for the back of the top (or lack thereof).

    A view of the back of the outfit to show the top has no back

    10. Julia completely channeled Catwoman at the premiere of The Batman in New York City.

    Julia wears a latex bodysuit with a silver sequin mini dress on top and long black latex jacket

    11. She showed off her legs in this leather micro mini.

    Julia wears a red leather top, black micro mini skirt and a red knit face covering

    12. And later tried it out in green!

    Julia wears a green leather top and skirt with a trench coat

    13. If you took Carmen Sandiego and dropped her in 2022, it would be this.

    Julia wears a black leather mini dress, thigh high boots and a leather trench coat

    14. This pop of color was a departure from Julia's style, but she still rocked it.

    Julia wears a matching yellow leather jacket and pants

    15. And this was totally the start of her denim obsession.

    Julia wears low rise baggy jeans and a matching jacket with cone details on the chest

    16. This outfit, styled by Ye, is definitely a look.

    Julia wears a long sleeve leather mini dress, leather thigh high boots and large gold earrings

    17. But even before meting Ye, Julia was making statements in the fashion world.

    Julia wears a tight sheer dress stripes

    18. This pre-Ye lace bodysuit was a bold move — and she looked amazing.

    Julia wears a sheer lace bodysuit

    19. And this crystal-embellished net skirt was a stunning statement piece.

    Julia wears black long sleeve bodysuit and diamond chain skirt

    20. Finally, I needed to include a moment for one of Julia's iconic looks in Uncut Gems.

    Julia wears a red mini skirt and animal print button down