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This Quiz Will Tell You Your Flying Personality

What kind of flyer are you? Air Canada's got all kinds of flights to fit all kinds of travellers.

11 Things People Who Love Flying Will Agree With

*Hits play on third consecutive movie.* Find an Economy Fare that's perfect for your flying style with Air Canada.

11 Tips That'll Help You Survive A Long-Distance Relationship

Wrap yourself in a bow and deliver a gift this holiday that your long-distance partner will NEVER forget! Allow Air Canada to bring you closer this holiday season.

12 Gifts For Mom That'll Put A Smile On Her Face This Holiday

Get your mom something meaningful this year.

11 Travel Kit Essentials No Student Should Fly Without

Readin', writin', and really flyin'.

24 Things To Do Around The Clock In London

There are nonstop things to do, places to be, and sights to see in London. Find something for every hour you're there with our guide. But first, be sure you get there with a nonstop flight on Air Canada.

11 Ways To Do London Like A Legend

If you’re going to visit a city that's as nonstop as London, you’ll need to be prepared. For starters, be smart about how you get there. Make it nonstop with Air Canada.

12 Things You Learn Within One Hour Of Being In London

As soon as you land, you’ll be learning new things nonstop. Might as well get the basics down now. Like, for starters, that Air Canada offers the most daily nonstop flights there!