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12 Gifts For Mom That'll Put A Smile On Her Face This Holiday

Get your mom something meaningful this year.

1. A family photo puzzle.

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Moms love puzzles, right? DIY tutorial here.

2. A beautiful planter.

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This is ideal for a mom with a green thumb. Tutorial here.

3. A vinyl record bowl.

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Got a scratched record that no longer works? Make this cool bowl for your hip mom! Tutorial here.

4. A cute bulletin board.

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Every surface of her fridge is definitely full. Learn to make it yourself here.

5. Some beautiful glass jars.

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Your mom can use these in SO many ways. Jewelry, baked goods, crafts — or even just just as decor. Full tutorial here.

6. An adorable ring dish.

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Simple and sweet. Full tutorial here.

7. Seashell candles.

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We all miss the ocean during the winter. These seashells are a sweet reminder of summer that your mom will definitely love. Tutorial here!

8. Some lovely sugar scrub.

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Pamper your mom with this homemade sugar scrub. Tutorial here!

9. A beaded statement necklace.

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This necklace will make your mom feel so chic, AND it's easy to make! Tutorial here.

10. A framed Wi-Fi password.

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How many times does your (very endearing) mom call you asking what her Wi-Fi password is? Learn how to make it here!

11. Or some framed Instagram pics.

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Your mom loves the pictures you post, but she definitely wants a hard copy! Learn how to make these pretty frames here.

12. Repurposed childhood art.

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You can either do this with your kid's work OR something of your own that you know she's loved for years. Instructions here!

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