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11 Things People Who Love Flying Will Agree With

*Hits play on third consecutive movie.* Find an Economy Fare that's perfect for your flying style with Air Canada.

1. It doesn't matter where you're headed — being in an airport makes you feel excited like nothing else can.

Creatas Video+ / Getty Images

So much possibility.

2. The airport lounge is a luxury worth every penny (or point).

Izusek / Getty Images

3. No matter how many times you've flown, seeing a fluffy carpet of marshmallow clouds beneath you never, ever gets old.

Ayla Smith

4. And watching the flight path map makes you realize how small the world really is.

Air Canada, Getty Images

Something about watching yourself on the map as you drift from one country to the next makes you realize how close we are to the rest of the world.

5. There are few things more magical than flying over a city just before dawn.

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The sun hasn't quite risen, but the city lights flicker on as all the people below start to wake up and go about their days. Meanwhile, you're drinking wine and are halfway through your third movie.

6. Window and aisle seats both have their merits, but you have a definite opinion on which is better.

Lsannes / Getty Images, Air Canada

And you're about to tell us because, actually, now we're interested.

  1. So which seat is the best seat?

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So which seat is the best seat?
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7. Nothing really starts until that drink cart begins making its way down the aisle.

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And whether you're a ginger ale–kinda person or a wine-in-the-sky person, this is miles above any rooftop bar.

8. The plane is the best place to catch up on all the movies you'd usually feel guilty about watching at home.

Getty Images / Air Canada

You calculate how many movies you can fit into one flight and choose accordingly. (Toronto to Paris is about four romantic comedies.)

9. The whole process of flying is full of opportunities. Who knows who might be sitting next to you?!

Yakobchukolena / Getty Images

You might board as strangers and deplane as travel partners or soulmates! Or maybe they'll just sleep the entire time, which is also nice.

10. Every now and again, you look outside and think how amazing it is that you're actually, in the sky.

Getty Images

Thank you so much, science and engineering!

11. And you just don't understand why people are always in such a hurry to disembark the plane.

Brian Losito / Air Canada

You stay seated until you're the last person left — partly because you've checked so much luggage and want to delay having to collect it and carry it out of the airport. Can't you keep flying forever?

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