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11 Tips That'll Help You Survive A Long-Distance Relationship

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1. Use the postal service!

"This is SO cheesy, but when my boyfriend was living in San Francisco for a few months, we would send each other postcards once or twice a week. If we came across a funny or weird one in a bodega or while walking by a tourist shop, we'd write a silly message and pop it in the mail that day..."

—Kim, 31


2. Don't lead a double life.

"If you're able to see each other fairly regularly, try not to separate your life with your partner and your life with your friends. Otherwise, again, it'll feel like you're making a choice between the two."

—Dan, 28

3. Constantly share things that would interest your partner.

"We emailed each other a LOT of articles. Everything that reminded me of her I sent to her. And then we would talk about it or I would read to her over the phone — old letters, articles I had written in high school, The Iliad... I'm serious, actually. #thathighbrowlife"

—Emily, 28

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4. Take a step back.

"Before you pick a fight, always ask yourself if you're just doing it because you miss them."

—Anne, 26

5. Good gifts are key.

"Give good gifts. When my boyfriend and I were long-distance, he sent me four containers of gourmet ice cream. The box came with dried ice in it. It was insane and wonderful."

—Jordan, 27

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6. Establish trust.

"I met my current boyfriend on tour, so when tour ended, he went back to New Jersey and I went back to Maine. I think the most important thing was establishing trust before we decided to commit to each other long-distance. I never really worried about him meeting anyone else because I was already confident our relationship was stable. If that weren't the case, I would have probably been a lot more anxious about the whole thing."

—Cyndi, 27

7. Look forward to the next time.

"Always have a time in the future where you'll get to see each other for sure. Set a date, even if it's far."

—Jen, 27


8. Stay busy.

"I survived a long-distance relationship of four years by focusing on my career and self-growth while being apart from my bae. If I got lucky, I saw him once a in the meantime I'd just throw myself into my work, stayed late at the office if needed, and even got a weekend job to stay as busy as possible. Working a ton actually turned out in the most optimal way, as I seemed to have exciting projects to talk about every time I spoke to him, and I also grew professionally in a way I know would've been impossible had he been in the same city as me. He got to focus on school, so it kinda worked out in the sense that being far fuelled our personal long-term professional goals."

—Leslie, 27

9. Video chat. Video chat. Video chat.

"Sometimes we would even make meals and eat them with each other while on vid chat, kinda like a long-distance dinner date... Falling into a routine also helped, like I knew what time she'd be getting back from classes and would be free to vid chat for a bit, so I'd have that to look forward to in my day. "

—Tyler, 27

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10. Have an end date. Kill your jealousy. Surviving the distance will only make you stronger.

"I did long-distance with my wife for about three years...

"A long-distance relationship without an end date (even a speculative one) is not a relationship at all. You have a pen pal.

"KILL YOUR JEALOUSY. This relationship is either going to work out or it won't, and you getting pissed every time she posts an Instagram where a guy is present is one of the surest ways to make sure that it won't. Hopefully you trust your S.O., but even if you don't completely trust them, kill that jealousy. It doesn't help anybody.

"Concentrate on the fact that this is one of the hardest things you'll do in your relationship and that, if you can make it through this, you really are in a strong one."

—Eric, 32

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11. Sacrifice. Appreciate. Be present.

"Relationships in general are difficult; being in an LDR adds another layer of difficulty. If you believe in the potential of the partnership, you must be willing to understand sacrifice, never take things for granted, and always be present in your limited time together."

—Chris, 28

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