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    Treat Yourself To An Amazing Orgasm, Because These Sex Toys Are On Major Sale For Prime Day

    The only thing better than a luxe sex toy is a SALE on luxe sex toys.

    Hi yes hello. I bet you thought you'd spend this Prime Day just buying yourself some kitchen products or furniture and other G-rated, boring stuff like that. Well, you totally should because the deals are awesome, but I also think it's time to indulge in some more ~risque~ bargain shopping. That's because fancy sex toy brand Lelo is discounting their amazing products up to 50% (!!!!) for Prime Day!

    1. 25% off the Sona or Sona Cruise, sonic massagers that use air pulses to stimulate EVERY SINGLE PART of your clit at once — without actually touching it directly.

    2. 50% off the Billy, a vibe specially shaped for prostate stimulation that's here to give you the best orgasm you could ever ass-k for.

    3. 25% off the Mia 2, aka your ideal travel companion. It's quiet, can be charged without a cord, and is only slightly larger than a lipstick. Best of all? It won't try to talk to you during a flight when you're clearly trying to read.

    4. 25% off the brand's signature, ultra-thin, hexagon-textured condoms, because nothing is sexier than safety, people!!!

    5. 30% off the Elise 2, a classic vibe that packs such a punch, you'll be ~coming~ back to it again and again.

    6. 30% off the Smart Wand, which not only has eight vibration settings but also senses when it's in contact with your body and has the vibration increase to create a tantalizing build-up.

    7. 25% off the Hugo, a super luxe prostate massager with a remote that can be used by yourself or by your partner who's super anal about being in control.

    8. 25% off the Nea 2, a downright pretty external massager with eight awesome settings. Your vagina would like you to know that if you buy one thing on Prime Day, this should be ~clit~.

    9. And finally, 50% off the super luxe Tiani 24k, a remote-control couple's vibe designed to be worn while you're having sex for extra internal and external stimulation. Oh, and did I mention it's embellished with 24k gold, in case you've ever wanted to make your hookups feel a little ~richer~?

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    Samantha, a post-Prime-Day mood: