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    34 Fitness Products For Anyone Who Lives In An Apartment

    Equipment and accessories that ~work~ for your space.

    1. A portable elliptical compact enough that you can store it in a corner, closet, or even under your bed. Plus, since you can move it around so easily, you can set it in front of your TV and catch up on your shows as you work up a sweat.

    2. Core sliders to give your planks, push-ups, mountain climbers, and more a little extra oomph without having to rely on jumping and disrupting your downstairs neighbors.

    3. A yoga mat made with extra cushion to not only keep you comfortable but also make it not sound like there are elephants stomping in your apartment. Plus, it's made from eco-friendly material, has an extra-long length (great for anyone six feet and above), doesn't slip, and has a beautiful illustration that may just be the motivation you need to get on your mat.

    Yoga mat with an illustration of a woman standing on yoga blocks with her head full of curly hair on the ground in front of her

    4. A punching bag set that will be a ~knock-out~ addition to your home because it comes with a pair of gloves, so you can ~one-two-punch~ your way to an intense workout that won't disrupt the people around you.

    5. A set of resistance bands made out of fabric that's designed not to roll or snap so you can ~stretch~ your workout and get more out of your squats, lunges, and other exercises.

    6. A foldable mini trampoline reviewers swear doesn't make a lot of noise as you jump, meaning you can get an intense cardio-based workout in without the fear that your neighbor will file a noise complaint against you.

    Reviewer pic of the circular trampoline in black with a silver cover around the outside

    7. A Bosu Balance Trainer to help with your cardiovascular toning, balance, and flexibility because these are equally important parts of a good workout. Plus, it can easily be stashed in a closet when not in use.

    8. A set of dumbbells with a stand, a must-have for anyone who can't ~weight~ for their strength training days because it's compact and easy to store. And if you need to do a drop set, you can easily grab a lighter pair.

    Reviewer pic of the five, eight, and 12-pound dumbells on a black stand

    9. weighted fitness hoop with an attached three-pound weight so you can activate your core in a way that's fun for once (instead of counting down the seconds til you can finally drop out of a plank position). 

    gif of a model using a blue weighted hoop to swing into a workout
    reviewer photo of a pink fitness hoop laying on the floor

    Promising review: "Like everyone else, I saw this on TikTok and decided to give it a shot. Super fun to use. I'll admit it's difficult to start, but once you get the hang of it, after a few minutes it's super easy and fun. It is a little loud but nothing unbearable. The pieces are easy to add to, and the weight is not too heavy or light." —Richard Enriquez

    Get it from Amazon for $39.99+ (available in 15 colors). 

    10. Push-up bars you'll have ~a-round~ for a long time because they'll make doing push-ups on the floor so much more comfortable. The handles let you get a good grip and then rotate as you go down, so you don't slip or slide at all. These are also great for anyone who's still working on their push-up game (it's okay, I am too) because they work just as well if you're on your knees.

    11. An indoor climber so you can ~go the distance~ during your workout without having to keep dodging your neighbors as you climb up and down the stairs in your building for the 548th time.

    12. An Obé fitness subscription to turn your living room (or bedroom or kitchen) into a group fitness class with live and on-demand classes that really ~pack a punch~.

    13. A Core Max 2.0 specifically designed to combine eight exercises into one small machine that folds up when you've ~crushed~ your workout and are ready to move on with your day (and maybe get some actual work done).

    Model sitting in the green Core Max device with a pad on the back, ready to do a crunch

    14. A pair of Powerbeats wireless headphones to tune out any noise around you so you can focus on those weighted squats and not the neighbor's barking dog.

    BuzzFeed Editor Emma McAnaw holding a pair of white Powerbeats headphones in her hand

    15. A Kettle Gryp great for anyone that wants to try a kettlebell workout but doesn't need another heavy thing cluttering up their apartment. This genius device wraps around a dumbbell to transform it into a kettlebell and make it super easy to hold onto.

    16. Or an adjustable kettlebell that adjusts to 5-, 8-, 9-, and 12-pound varieties, so you can customize and advance your workouts as you see fit. From upper body burn sessions to kettlebell swings and squats, you'll be able to use this little gem for a ton in your at-home gym.

    reviewer photo of the blue adjustable kettlebell with all of the attachments in place
    reviewer photo of the blue kettlebell taken apart

    Promising review: "Best thing I've purchased. It stays hidden. I haven't taken them apart yet. But that's what's so awesome about it. You can take each weight off and set it to the side. You don't have weights everywhere! I will purchase another one soon." –Tamar

    Get it from Amazon for $35.94 (available in two colors). 

    17. An upper-body workout bar you can attach to a doorway to make doing pull-ups a breeze. Plus, you can take it on and off to help you with other exercises, like tricep dips, and then put it right back on the door when you're done (and maybe even dry your laundry on it).

    Model doing a pull-up with the black bar attached to a door frame

    18. A compact treadmill so you can get your steps in, no matter what the weather is like outside. The handrail on the machine can be raised or lowered, meaning you can walk, jog, or even run while staying in the same place in your apartment. And when you're done, just slide it under your bed.

    19. A pair of adjustable ankle weights designed with separate weight bags in them, so you can start off with 1 pound and work your way all the way up to 5 pounds in one small piece of equipment. No more scrambling to find the next size when you realize the weight you're using is getting too easy.

    Model's legs with two black weights wrapped around their ankles

    20. A minimalist rowing machine with 12 levels of adjustable resistance so you can ~row row row~ yourself to stronger arms and increased cardio.

    Reviewer pic of the small rowing machine in dark grey with black seat, food holders, and arm rest

    21. An ab roller wheel useful for helping you strengthen your core muscles without hitting your coffee table, TV, or couch.

    A red ab roller wheel with two black handles on either side and a black resistance band next to it

    22. A foldable yoga mat *technically* designed for travel, but since it folds up so small, it's perfect to put in a closet, or even a drawer and pull out when it's time for your yoga practice.

    23. A stationary exercise bike with the power to transport you to a spin class without actually going anywhere. It has a small design, adjustable padded seat, nonslip handles, adjustable resistance, multi-functional display, *and* doesn't cost a fortune. This may just be the perfect fitness accessory your bring into your home this year (and next).

    24. Or a training stand to easily transform your regular bike into a stationary one, meaning you won't have to worry about storing *two* bikes in your small space.

    Reviewer pic of the black stand with a bike in it inside

    25. A set of resistance exercise bands that are each different weights, so you can mix and match them to customize your workout and maximize your results. Plus, they take up wayyyy less space than dumbells do.

    26. Elastic grip socks perfect for ensuring that you don't slip on hard floors during a virtual yoga, Pilates, or barre class.

    Reviewer wearing the socks with criss-cross straps across the top with one foot turned to the side to see the grips on the bottom in light yellow

    27. A cordless jump rope ensuring that you can jump, hop, and skip to your heart's content without having to worry about a rope thwacking your apartment floor.

    28. A no-slip leather medicine ball so you can stop lifting your poor cat during crunches and use this instead.

    model wearing sports bra exercising with orange medicine ball

    29. The Workout Essential Package from Love Sweat Fitness, so you can stock up on cute fitness gear in one fell swoop. Everything is functional, easy to store, and pastel? Your at-home workouts just got a makeover.

    30. A pair of yoga blocks to help you deepen your stretches, work on balance, and increase strength, all while being compact enough to fit just about anywhere.

    31. A door anchor made to fit in any closed door, so you can complete countless exercises with an adorable long resistance band. It's a space-saving way to do lat pull-downs, seated rows, tricep push-downs, and more without using bulky weights.

    32. A compact and adjustable stepping machine with resistance bands for doing some full-body workouts without taking up a ton of room in your living space.

    Promising review: "I just received my stepper and it's super easy to assemble and it's sturdy. I tested it out and I am super excited for my first workout. This is the perfect machine, while we stay at home we can still workout and stay healthy. I highly recommend this mini stepper. Enjoy your workouts!" —Erika

    Get it from Amazon for $57.31.