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    • Quixotic

      It’s unfortunate that your sister had a difficult time after her abortion, but please understand that every woman’s story is unique. There are plenty of people who have had abortions who are relieved afterward, even if it’s not something they wanted to have to do. While adoption can be good option, it doesn’t completely eliminate the need for abortion access. Pregnancy is still a physically and psychologically trying (and potentially traumatic) experience. Not all women can handle getting pregnant, or can afford it. And not all pregnancies are healthy. The people who protest outside abortion clinics may think they mean well, but they are being intolerant. They have no idea what the stories are of the people going in the clinic, and frankly, it’s none of their business. They don’t know if the women they’re harassing are getting abortions or, if they are, what their circumstances are. I’ve known women who had abortions because a routine ultrasound revealed that their wanted babies were dead or had severe birth defects that would prevent them from being viable. Can you imagine learning that the pregnancy you wanted needed to be terminated, and having people harass you for that and try to make you feel guilty? If these “pro-life” protesters really cared, they would try to find ways to understand and help—not harass women. Their only aim is to try to intimidate women from going into the clinic. If they succeed in that aim, what’s going to happen? Women who need health services won’t get them. Women will go without birth control or pre-natal care. Women will potentially have to get even riskier and more controversial abortions because they were scared into waiting longer than they should have. People like the couple in this article are helping create a more hospitable environment outside the clinics. If even one woman sees them and realizes that there are supporters as well as harassers, they’ve done a great good.

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