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    • Quixotic

      Being skeptical about the film because it’s a remake, and because the original is such a classic, is understandable. Getting upset because it has a female cast isn’t. For the most part, the tweets featured here are specifically criticizing the fact that the cast is female, not the existence of the movie in general. Whether you think the movie sound good or not is irrelevant here—complaining about “gender pandering” because a movie stars a female cast is idiotic. One of the consequences of a group being treated like a minority is that people come to see over-representation of majority groups as being the norm. Why isn’t it “gender pandering” when a movie has a predominantly male cast?

    • Quixotic

      I don’t think makeup is inherently feminist or anti-feminist. A lot of women face considerable pressure to look a certain way, which is a feminist concern. And makeup can be a part of that. A lot of women feel pressured to wear it, and some women probably feel pressured not to wear it. Making your own choice and doing what you enjoy is feminist, whether that means wearing makeup or not wearing it. I think it’s sexist and judgmental to expect women to wear makeup, but I also think it’s close-minded to act like wearing makeup is always fun and empowering, since a lot of people don’t enjoy wearing it and have a lot of trouble breaking free or pressure to do so. Ultimately, it’s not what you wear that makes a statement. It’s the choices you make.

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