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    • Quixotic

      Losing weight is frustrating when you’re short (I’m assuming that’s why my BMR is on the lower side). If I put my activity level as “sedentary,” it says I have to eat 1,350 a day in order to lose a pound a week (or 850 a day to lose two pounds, which doesn’t sound doable at all). If I say I’m “lightly active” (which is probably more accurate), I can eat 1620 calories, which is better but still doesn’t give me a huge amount of wiggle room.

    • Quixotic

      This is why before starting treatment, trans children see therapists whose job it is to determine whether the children are trans or whether, like you, they’re going through a phase or just defying gender roles. Gender dysphoria is much more complex than hating dresses and preferring to do “boy things.” It’s an innate feeling that your body is wrong and that people are treating you like you’re a gender that you’re not. Also, waiting until you’re 18 to transition is fine, and that’s what most people do. But there are some strong medical benefits to starting earlier, so if a young person is sure of their identity and their therapist agrees, there’s no reason not to transition before 18. There’s no way at 3-4 you would have made any permanent decisions about becoming a boy. If your parents had pursued the possibility of you being trans, you would have seen a therapist who likely would have determined that waiting to see was best. Maybe you would have spent a short time trying out living as a boy to see how it felt. Since it as a phase for you, it’s very unlikely that you would still have continued on that path to the point where permanent treatments were considered.

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