People Are Praising Millie Bobby Brown For Going Makeup-Free On "The Drew Barrymore Show"

    "Millie showing her natural skin is a thumbs up for me," one commenter said.

    Millie Bobby Brown appeared on Thursday's episode of The Drew Barrymore Show, and so many fans are praising her for going on the show makeup-free.

    Millie in a short sleeveless dress with a prominent belt posing for the camera

    In a clip shared by the show's official account, Millie is fresh-faced and wearing a lilac butterfly-shaped Florence by Mills pimple patch as she tells Drew about how she spent her 20th birthday.

    She and Drew also wore matching sweat sets in the very same color as Millie's pimple patch.

    Drew and Millie people sitting on a couch and conversing in matching lavender outfits, with a cityscape backdrop

    Fans were quick to praise Millie for going without makeup, even saying that she's "normalizing normal skin":

    Milie in purple top with embellished choker and large earrings, appearing on the show
    "I think the pimple patch is awesome!! Normalize normal skin!!"
    "The fact that she's wearing no make-up is so wonderful; Gen Z is really working hard to untangle the patriarchy"
    "YES MILLIE WITH THE NATURAL FACE [heart-eye emoji] [fire emoji]"
    "Millie showing her natural skin is a thumbs up for me"
    "The fact she has no make up on [hearts and smiling emoji]"
    "I love that she's not wearing any makeup; she's beautiful without it [two black heart emojis]"
    "I love seeing celebrities not wearing any make up from time to time; they look human"

    This isn't the first time Millie has been open about her skin struggles, and in the past she's even posted fresh-faced videos sharing acne tips with her fans.

    I think we can all agree that she looks gorgeous no matter what ✨.

    Watch the full clip here: