23 Totally Brilliant DIYs Made From Common Thrift Store Finds

Just because it’s junk doesn’t mean it’s janky.

1. Stitch throw pillows together to create a sofa or pet bed.

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2. Found an otherwise boring tea set? Spray paint the handles.

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3. Paint a commonly found ceramic cat figurine a matte black for a classy Halloween decor.

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4. But really, painting makes any old garage sale figurine look like something that belongs in a modern home.

Seriously, who needs Anthropologie??

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5. Put together a mismatched collection of frames to hold old photos for a wedding table.

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6. Stack a collection of old suitcases to create a makeshift nightstand.

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7. Give an old tray a coat of metallic spray paint and use it to hold your jewelry.

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Or what’s for dinner.

Get the directions here.

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Or fill the tray with rocks to create a pebble mat where everyone can park their dirty shoes.

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8. Wrap your silverware in vintage napkins for a dinner party or reception.

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9. If you find any old atlases or maps, frame them to create a rustic gallery wall.

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10. Stencil vinyl onto canisters or jars for your pantry.

See how she did this here.

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11. Baskets in all shapes and sizes are always in great supply at thrift stores, and they look even better spray painted.

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12. Plant moss and succulents in old trophies.

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13. Line your drawers with vintage brocade or fabric.

Most thrift stores have extensive tablecloth and curtain fabrics.

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14. Turn pretty silk scarves into pillowcases.

For that perfectly mismatched look.

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Or use them to revamp a boring pair of sandals.

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15. Bleach the bottom of a men’s flannel shirt.

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16. Wrap your thrift store vases with rope.

Directions here.

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17. This mom made this Madeleine costume for her daughter for only $4.

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18. Paint the insides of cheap Goodwill bowls to make nesting display bowls.

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19. Any baggy turtleneck (of which there are infinity racks of at any thrift store) can be snipped into a cute tank top.

Get the directions here.

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20. There will always be an overabundance of grandpa sweaters at the thrift store, so why not cover one in metallic polka dots?

Everyone will wonder if you got your sweater at Madewell.

Instead of paint, use vinyl with fusible interfacing for a more store-bought look.

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21. Create personalized cups out of thrift store glassware.

Get the directions here.

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22. The stem of an umbrella will fit into the center of a thrifted bundt pan.

You can even drill holes in the bottom and turn it into a planter.

ID: 3281857

23. Make a pretty party skirt by sewing tulle onto a thrifted skirt.

Using a thrifted skirt as the base makes this project easier than it looks.

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