2 Cool New Ways To Cut Up A T-Shirt

Stand out from the music festival hordes with an easy cut-out shirt that isn’t fringed.

2. 1. Geometric Cut-out Shirt

This abstract cut-out was created by Marta at Second Funniest Thing, and it’s chic enough for a night out.

What you’ll need: a basic T-shirt (the one shown is a men’s shirt), fabric chalk, this template, pins, and scissors.

ID: 1243722

Print the template. Cut out the design.

ID: 1243745

Place template on back top side of your T-shirt. Mark the design with chalk.

ID: 1243749

It should look like this.

ID: 1243751

Cut out the shapes.

ID: 1243754

Use the same template to trace just a triangle on the front of your shirt. Cut out the triangle.

ID: 1243755

Wash it and you’re done! An edgier update of your average old tee.

ID: 1243756

11. 2. Tree Silhouette

This tree silhouette shirt was created by Veva at My White Idea.

Materials needed: a T-shirt (one or two sizes larger than your usual size), scissors, chalk, a dish, and an Iron.

ID: 1243689

Iron your shirt. This will make it much easier to draw on it.

ID: 1243694

Fold the T-shirt in half and mark the center. Then use the dish to mark a circle at the height you want the tree cut-out to be at.

ID: 1243699

Draw a tree within the circle. Don’t make very thin branches as they may fall apart with wear.

ID: 1243703

Follow the marked lines to cut out the tree. Remember you’re cutting out the blank space around the tree, not the tree itself. To avoid cutting the other side of the shirt, put a magazine inside the T-shirt.

ID: 1243707

If you want, you can also cut the sleeves and the neck of the T-shirt.This will make it a bit looser and cooler.

ID: 1243708

Before wearing, clean the T-shirt to remove the chalk marks.

ID: 1243711

Done! A unique and breezy summer shirt.

ID: 1243714

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