Light Up Your Kid's Night With These Magical Fairy Lanterns

    Bippity Boppity, BEAUTIFUL.

    What you need:

    *An empty jar. (Pickle jars are the best!)

    *White acrylic paint

    *Sponge or paintbrush

    *Fairy silhouettes (SEE BELOW)

    *Exacto knife

    *Cutting board

    *Preserved moss, bark, or tissue paper

    *Wood glue

    *Hot glue


    *Rechargeable tea lights


    Wash the inside of the jar, and remove labels and sticky residue from the outside. With a sponge or large round paint brush, dab the inside with white acrylic paint to create texture. Let the paint dry for about an hour between coats until only light can be seen though the jar. Let the paint dry thoroughly.

    Glue some preserved moss, bark, or tissue paper to the bottom of the jar. Paste your fairy cutouts or other paper designs onto the bottom of the jar just touching the sides. You can create a 3D illusion by by leaving a bit of space between the cutouts and the sides of the jar. Add any stickers if desired.

    Spray paint the lid of the jar, and let dry. With a hammer and nail, punch two holes in the top of the lid on opposite sides for the handle. Bend a piece of a coat hanger into a handle, and push the ends through the lid holes. Secure by bending the ends inward, and taping over the sharp edges.

    You can add a base to the lantern by painting another metal lid the same color, or using a round wooden base. Use wood glue to attach it to the jar. Add thin strips of tape criss-crossing over the back and front of the jar to imitate a lantern pattern.

    Place a rechargeable tea light (or a few!) in the jar, and turn out the lights.

    Enjoy you magical fairy lanterns!

    Print out the fairy cutouts we used!

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