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    62 DIY Christmas Decorations To Deck The Halls With

    Putting the "elf" in "do it yourself."

    That sound you just heard? Oh, it's just the sound of everyone fiiinally busting out their favorite holiday decorations.

    1. Crochet your own ornaments.

    Crocheted tree ball ornaments

    2. Turn old glass bottles into festive candleholders.

    Long bottles decorated to look like green trees with tinsel and holding candles

    3. Spray-paint your tree an aesthetically pleasing color.

    Blue-green decorated Christmas tree

    4. Repurpose Scrabble tiles.

    Scrabble tiles spelling "Jingle" hanging from a tree

    5. Put together this winter-wonderland bowl, which looks way more expensive than it is.

    Glass bowl showing snow scene with trees

    6. Make your own angel tree topper with recycled materials.

    Angel tree topper with long cotton hair and long net dress

    7. Decorate a wreath in rainbow colors.

    Multicolored wreath

    8. Build an Advent calendar with candy canes.

    An Advent calendar on the wall with the numerals 1–24 and each one with a candy cane below it

    9. Create your very own colorful crackers.

    Decorative Christmas crackers of various colors and with various faces drawn on them

    10. Make a pretty paper garland.

    A Christmas lights paper garland hanging from a multi-tier tray

    11. Create a unique "tree" with fairy lights.

    Lights on a door in the shape of a tree

    12. Bake sugar-cookie decorations.

    Actual sugar-cookie ornaments hanging from a tree

    13. Make this boho yarn tassel tree.

    A tree made from yarn tassels

    14. String together a sweet vintage-style banner.

    A banner with holly and reindeer scenes

    15. Decorate a grapevine wreath with white glittery acorns.

    A grapevine wreath decorated with bejeweled acorns

    16. Make these adorable light-up snowman ornaments from things in your own house.

    Snowman face figures with hats

    17. Create some monochrome paper trees.

    Three black and white paper Xmas trees

    18. Take your place settings to the next level.

    Place settings made of linen pouches with holly

    19. Make your own snowglobe.

    Snowglobe with a snowman inside

    20. Make a bunch of ornaments with modeling clay and a cookie cutter.

    Animal-shaped ornaments

    21. Then hang the cookie cutters up next to the clay ornaments when they're done.

    Cookie cutters in the shape of houses with decorations like trees or balls inside them and a string through the top

    22. Make this upcycled ornament wreath in minutes.

    A wreath made from Christmas ball ornaments

    23. Wrap ice-pop sticks in string to make a super-simple but incredibly festive star.

    Ice pops wrapped in yarn string in the shape of a star

    24. Pull a piece of thread through a ribbon to quickly add some color to the tree.

    Ribbon ornaments hanging from a string

    25. Hang up this simple felt garland to make any space instantly more festive.

    Pieces of green, red, and white felt glued together and hanging from a string

    26. Scoop some ice cream cone ornaments out of pom-poms.

    Pom-poms that look like ice cream in glittery cone ornaments

    27. Make these watercolor gift cards for party favors.

    Different-colored gift cards, some with messages

    28. Create a mini Christmas-scene photo backdrop for your guests.

    A man and a woman standing amid falling "snow" and small Xmas trees

    29. Upcycle some old keys as decorations.

    Keys hanging from holiday ribbons

    30. Make glue gun snowflakes.

    "Snowflakes" on a window made from glue

    31. Wrap a wreath vase in a feather boa for a surprisingly chic and elegant look.

    A feather wreath hanging on the wall from a ribbon

    32. Turn an elementary school craft project into classy, shiny snowflakes.

    Interlocking "snowflakes" on a wall

    33. Create this ornament wreath.

    A glittery ribbon with ball ornaments as a wreath

    34. Magically turn normal glass into faux mercury glass with white vinegar and metallic paint.

    Glittery glass jars

    35. Use a handprint to make your own bird painting and add to your winter-wonderland decor.

    A handprint painting of "birds" on an end table in front of a tree

    36. Use your extra red Solo cups to make these simple but festive ornaments.

    A melted cup with decorations

    37. Turn the green string lights gold for an elegant centerpiece.

    Green string lights spray-painted gold and hung up

    38. Colorblock clear glass ornaments with your favorite color, and fill them with sparkly stuff.

    Colorblock glass ball ornaments hanging from a tree

    39. Build this fun present arch, which is so unique and way easier than you'd expect.

    A door archway lined with gift boxes

    40. Cut out feather shapes from patterned paper to create beautiful wreaths.

    A blue and white dot fabric frayed and in the shape of a wreath

    41. For a cheap and classy alternative to expensive tabletop trees, make a cone out of card stock and glue on a bead garland.

    Cone-shaped trees with beads on them

    42. Put those ice-pop sticks to good use with these mini sled ornaments.

    Ice-pop sticks stuck together to look like sleds are hung from a tree as ornaments

    43. Cleanup from big holiday meals is quick and easy when you've covered the tables with brown kraft paper.

    A table covered with kraft paper with writing on it and candles

    44. Make a festive stamp out of a lint roller.

    A lint roller with Christmas tree shapes on it

    45. Make easy sewing card ornaments.

    Sewing cards with different line decorations and hanging from strings

    46. Create a winter wonderland in a Mason jar.

    A Mason jar in the middle of a wreath with a Christmas tree and snowman scene

    47. Make a Christmas tree silhouette out of some washi tape and mini ornaments.

    A wall Xmas tree silhouette with small ornaments/hanging lights in it

    48. Fluff up your usual wreath and make a marshmallow one instead.

    A marshmallow wreath with a candy cane ribbon

    49. Stack ornaments to create this elegant tree.

    A small tree made out of ball ornaments

    50. Wrap a garland around your bar cart and leave your tangled string lights on the bottom shelf to fake a fireplace.

    A garland sits on the top of the cart and the lights sit on the bottom, set against a brick wall

    51. Wind fluffy fake flowers around a wreath form to keep the theme.

    A white wreath hanging on a door

    52. "Bake" cupcake ornaments.

    Ball ornaments in cupcake holders

    53. Make this outdoor decoration from a pool noodle.

    A coiled pool noodle on a stick with ribbon

    54. Make your kitchen more Christmassy with these hanging wreaths.

    Four small wreaths hanging from kitchen cupboards

    55. Make these adorable yarn trees.

    Cone trees made with felt yarn

    56. Light up any room with this lighted garland.

    A garland made with ribbon hanging from Christmas tree lights

    57. Create these no-cook cinnamon-scented ornaments.

    Cookie dough cut into heart and star shapes

    58. Give your basic acrylic ornaments a new twist.

    Clear star-shaped ornaments with decorations and writing added

    59. Make your stir sticks swanky and festive.

    Bottles of Stella Rosa wine in clear glasses with ribboned stir sticks

    60. Bring the snow inside with these adorable snow ornaments.

    Ball ornament with "snow" inside hanging from a tree

    61. Deck the walls with leftover ornaments.

    Ball ornaments with a ribbon hanging from wires on a wall

    62. Use your tea bags to create a tea bag wreath.

    A colorful wreath made out of individual tea bag packages attached to it

    This article contains content from Peggy Wang, Jenna Guillaume, Emily Shwake, Alanna Okun, Alex Gurley, Natalie Brown, and Pippa Armbrester. It was compiled by Kelly Rissman.