17 People (And A Corgi) Who Prove Everyone Looks Better In Glasses

Four for you, Four-Eyes. You go, Four-Eyes.

Let’s start with a basic fact:

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They’re like an Instagram filter for sexy.

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1. Note how this pair makes Ryan Gosling’s perfect face even more perfect.

Frazer Harrison / Getty Images

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2. Adding glasses makes Christina Hendricks even more sultry, if at all possible.

Frazer Harrison / Getty Images

Alberto E. Rodriguez / Getty Images

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3. These glasses frame John Legend’s make-love-to-me eyes.

Ian Gavan / Getty Images

Frazer Harrison / Getty Images

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4. And Rashida Jones werks her thick black frames without looking too hipstery.

Alberto E. Rodriguez / Getty Images

Kevin Winter / Getty Images


It’s like they added a Lo-Fi filter TO THEIR FACES.

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5. Anderson Cooper loves how he looks in glasses so much, he made this his Twitter photo.

Paul Hawthorne / Getty Images


He doubled up his handsomeness with glasses AND an Insta-filter. Whoa.

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6. Glasses also have practical applications.


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7. For example, glasses add some brain to Chris Evans’ brawn.

Jason Merritt / Getty Images

Kevin Winter / Getty Images

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8. And they highlight Alicia Keys’ fierce eyeshadow.

Jason Merritt / Getty Images

Evan Agostini / Getty Images

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9. Alternately, Matt Bomer uses them to sheath his piercing baby blues.

Jason Merritt / Getty Images

Donna Ward / Getty Images

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10. And Jon Hamm’s pair contains his smolder when it’s JUST TOO MUCH.

Jason Merritt / Getty Images

Frazer Harrison / Getty Images

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11. See? Lebron James gets the appeal of glasses.

Ronald Martinez / Getty Images

Stephen Lovekin / Getty Images


Those frames don’t even have a grade, what are you doing Lebron. Oh that’s right, looking MEGA-DAPPER.

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12. Even goddesses like Hillary Clinton rock bifocals.

Saul Loeb / Getty Images

Manual Balce Ceneta / Getty Images


Better vision means better texts.

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13. Meryl Streep’s glasses make a statement.

Kevork Djansezian / Getty Images

Michael Buckner / Getty Images


I am 64 and FABULOUS.”

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14. And of course, Tina Fey defined sexy spectacles.

Jason Merritt / Getty Images

John Shearer / Getty Images

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15. Make them your signature look, like Rachel Maddow has.

MSNBC/Virginia Sherwood

Frederick M. Brown / Getty Images

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16. Or Harry Potter.*

Andrew H. Walker / Getty Images

Jason Merritt / Getty Images


*J.K., Darren Criss.

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17. You might even get an endorsement deal out of it, like Eva Mendes.

Stephen Lovekin / Getty Images

Mario Testino for Vogue Eyewear


Here she is smizing it up for Vogue Eyewear.

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18. Make your glasses so iconic that no photos will exist of you without them, like Ira Glass.

Stuart Mullenberg / Via wbez.org

This means Ira is sexy all hours of the day.

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19. In case you need more proof, HERE’S A CORGI WEARING GLASSES.

This corgi knows it looks good.

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20. So skip the contacts and put on those bifocals.

Because glasses are the coolest.

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