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    30 Valentine's Day Gifts They'll Be So Glad You Gave Them

    From the classics (chocolate and flowers) to the unexpected (rollerblades and hangover kits).

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    We asked members of the BuzzFeed Community to tell us what gifts they want to receive for Valentine's Day. Get ready, because here are their (awesome) answers!

    1. A box of chocolate-covered strawberries that'll melt their heart and taste buds. (Rest assured, the chocolate itself will not melt thanks to ice packs.)

    2. A Breakfast at Tiffany's–inspired sleep mask and earplugs set for the best gift of all: a good night's sleep.

    3. A subscription to Blue Apron, so the two of you can have a quiet night in, cooking dinner and then snuggling up for a movie.

    4. A bouquet of rainbow roses to make your sweetheart feel like the most special person in the world.

    5. A personalized bracelet created with your handwriting for a unique accessory they'll cherish forever. (Note to self: Improve penmanship before ordering.)

    6. A DIY kit, so you can make them something (mostly) from scratch. They'll be touched that you put in the extra effort.

    7. A staycation at a nice hotel or a weekend getaway, because flowers die and chocolates get eaten, but memories will last forever.

    8. A personal massager for some happy time with your S.O. or just by yourself. Satisfaction guaranteed.😏

    9. A bottle of red (or your booze of choice) delivered to your apartment, because it's cheaper to drink at home than at a restaurant. And because there's no Netflix at a restaurant.

    10. A book subscription box, so they'll always have a good novel to keep them company, even when you're not there.

    11. An engagement ring — if you've found the person you want to spend the rest of your life with.

    12. A gourmet soft cheese set to share with your better half after a romantic dinner.

    13. A copy of the illustrated edition of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone that'll make a spellbinding V-Day gift for muggles and wizards alike.

    14. A charm for their bracelet so they can wear your heart on their sleeve (literally).

    15. A box of Godiva chocolates to treat a lover who's sweeter than sin.

    16. A watch repair tool kit, perfect for couples who are too busy to get their batteries replaced or links removed at a store.

    17. A wearable candle that'll provide mood lighting and double as a massage oil when it's melted. (Pair with Usher playlist for ideal effect.)

    18. A piece of jewelry to remind them of you, like a love code necklace that'll reveal a message when they spin it.

    19. A pair of AirPods for your tech-savvy S.O. who keeps borrowing your headphones and returning them all tangled up.

    20. A hangover kit, so they'll feel more like themselves after a wild night out. Headache, dehydration, and bad breath, begone!

    21. A huge bag of candy to enjoy with your S.O. or on your own while watching the latest episode of This Is Us.

    22. A rose gold balloon for taking pretty Valentine's Day pictures to post on their 'gram.

    23. A pack of Tim Tams (imported from Australia) that'll blow local sweets out of the water.

    24. A couple of tickets to see their favorite singer in concert. You'll both have a rocking good time!

    25. A pack of adorable squishies they can reach for whenever they're stressed, angry, or just bored.

    26. An iPad, so they don't always have to lug their heavy AF laptop everywhere.

    27. A double sleeping bag to pack for a camping getaway, so you and your darling can stargaze while holding hands.

    28. A vanity set that can make getting ready a luxurious experience for them.

    29. A pair of rollerblades (or two) so you'll always have a cheap and awesome date activity.

    30. A plane ticket to visit your long-distance beau or go on an adventure by yourself.

    The best gift of all is spending time with people you love! ❤️

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