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    25 Of The Best Places To Buy An Engagement Ring Online

    If you like it then you should buy a ring from it.

    1. Blue Nile, a traditional ring and diamond seller that brings customers and manufacturers together.

    2. Hello Ring, an Alabama-based shop offering quirky, handmade rings for people looking for something a little different.

    3. Catbird, a Williamsburg, NY-based store with delicate, unusual rings that are definitely out of the box.

    4. Clementine, an online boutique known for using ethical, conflict-free diamonds.

    5. Ritani, a high-end jewelry store that has been selling engagement rings to couples since 1999.

    6. Stag Head Designs, a rustic Utah-based store offering beautiful, handcrafted rings from all sorts of unusual materials.

    7. Chinchar/Maloney, a family-run operation that sells ethical, handmade jewelry and custom orders.

    8. MinimalVS, an Etsy shop from Slovenia featuring plenty of art deco and art nouveau-inspired rings.

    9. Amazon, the giant online retailer that really sells everything.

    10. Belesas, an Amazon retailer selling swoon-worthy, handmade jewelry from California.

    11. GeshaR, an Israeli seller that caters to animal lovers who want to get married in a graveyard.

    12. Spring, an online store offering jewelry and other items from all your favorite brands.

    13. Tiger Gemstones, a Californian seller specializing in conflict-free jewelry.

    14. Azalea, an online store full of reasonably priced designer wares.

    15. Szeki Studio, an Etsy shop that's going to make you (and your SO) say "yes!!!"

    16. Erstwhile, a swanky New York jeweler specializing in vintage rings.

    17. Nida Rings, an Etsy shop that sells traditional engagement rings in a number of settings.

    18. Trumpet and Horn, a seller of vintage and antique rings that's dedicated to conflict-free, environmentally conscious jewelry.

    19. Mocha Rings, a Canadian seller with a focus on sterling silver rings.

    20. The One I Love, a brick and mortar in NYC that conveniently has an online selection.

    21. LaMore Design, studio dedicated to custom-made, vintage-style rings.