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    25 Of The Best Places To Buy An Engagement Ring Online

    If you like it then you should buy a ring from it.


    We hope you love the products we recommend! Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales from the links on this page.

    1. Blue Nile, a traditional ring and diamond seller that brings customers and manufacturers together.,,

    Why it's great: If you're looking for a simple, no nonsense approach to ring buying, Blue Nile is your go-to. The well-known and incredibly popular dealer is an engagement staple thanks to their fair prices: They cut out the middle-man by listing diamonds directly from manufacturers. Come here for traditional rings you can build yourself by picking out settings, stones, and cuts.

    Rings we like: Heiress Halo Diamond Ring in Platinum for $2,990 (left), Monique Lhuillier Leaf Halo Diamond Ring in Platinum for $1,720 (top right), Classic Pear Shaped Sapphire Ring in 18k White Gold $1,190 (bottom right).

    2. Hello Ring, an Alabama-based shop offering quirky, handmade rings for people looking for something a little different.,,

    Why it's great: This Etsy shop offers a collection of dazzling rings without the blinding price tag. You can find plenty of options for rose gold engagement rings along with matching, stackable wedding rings that are more exciting than plain gold bands.

    Rings we like: Rose Gold Moonstone Engagement Ring for $826.20+ (left), $584.10+ (top right), and Unique Moonstone Engagement Ring set for $578+ (bottom right).

    3. Catbird, a Williamsburg, NY-based store with delicate, unusual rings that are definitely out of the box.,,

    Why it's great: If you're looking for a fancy designer ring that's as quirky as your relationship, Catbird fits the bill. Their jewelry takes creative risks, but is still traditionally beautiful enough to be grandparent-approved.

    Rings we like: Wandering Star Cosmos Ring in 14k gold for $2,100 (left), Sapphire Termina Ring in 14k gold for $1,300 (top right), and Water Lily Ring in 18k gold for $5,380 (bottom right).

    4. Clementine, an online boutique known for using ethical, conflict-free diamonds.,,

    Why it's great: It would be wrong to call this Massachusetts brand cheap, but for the quality of the jewelry, the prices are definitely competitive. You can find a number of captivating choices here, and maybe even be tempted to throw some earrings in the shopping cart as well.

    Rings we like: Rose Cut Pear Diamond Ring for $935+ (left), Rose Cut Diamond Ring with Floral Band for $2,295 (top right), and Rose Cut Pink Sapphire Ring for $350 (bottom right).

    5. Ritani, a high-end jewelry store that has been selling engagement rings to couples since 1999.,,

    Why it's great: Ritani wants their customers to feel confident when making a purchase. They offer extended warranty, lifetime cleanings, and a guarantee of authenticity. They also have locations all over the US so you can come in for a free in-store preview.

    Rings we like: Three-Stone Halo Diamond Ring for $3,710 (left), French-Set Dimaond Band Engagement Ring for $1,410 (top right), and Diamond Star Cluster Bypass Ring for $2,100 (bottom right).

    6. Stag Head Designs, a rustic Utah-based store offering beautiful, handcrafted rings from all sorts of unusual materials.,,

    Why it's great: Everything from this store is lovingly handcrafted and one-of-a-kind, so you know you're getting something truly original. The store uses a number of interesting materials โ€” like deer antler โ€” to further sell the idea of unique jewelry you can't find anywhere else.

    Rings we like: 14k Yellow Gold and Turquoise Engagement Ring With Diamond Halo for $1,000+, Elk Antler Petal Tracer With 10k Rose Gold Solitaire Engagement Ring for $2,500+ (top right), and Custom Designed Smokey Quartz Engagement Ring With Diamond Halo for $2,100+ (bottom right).

    7. Chinchar/Maloney, a family-run operation that sells ethical, handmade jewelry and custom orders.,,

    Why it's great: This Oregon-based boutique uses rustic, natural diamonds that are ethically sourced. Natural diamonds sport unique and beautiful colors so each ring is special. All of C/M's diamonds are completely untreated so what you see is what naturally occurred in nature.

    Rings we like: MAROA Ring in Yellow Gold for $3,310 (left), Salt and Pepper Diamond Ring in Yellow Gold for $3,220 (top right), and MAROA Ring in Yellow Gold for $4,090 (bottom right).

    8. MinimalVS, an Etsy shop from Slovenia featuring plenty of art deco and art nouveau-inspired rings.,,

    Why it's great: Be prepared to be dazzled by all the glitzy stones found in this wonderful Etsy store. The rings borrow inspiration from the past for timeless rings that will never go out of style.

    Rings we like: Morganite Cluster Baguette Ring for $2,400 (left), Art Deco Engagement Ring for $870+ (top right), and Kite Diamond Ring for $2,450+ (bottom right).

    9. Amazon, the giant online retailer that really sells everything.,,

    Why it's great: Amazon might not be the first store that comes to mind when you think about fancy jewelry, but you shouldn't dismiss them just yet. The massive store has plenty of tasteful and reasonably priced rings that would make almost anyone happy. The handmade section has a plethora of interesting pieces and unusual ring boxes. Plus, you can't beat the convenience.

    Rings we like: Oval Lab Created Opal Rose Gold Plated Solitaire Ring for $29.99 (left), 10k Rose Gold Morganite And Diamond Classic Princess Engagement Ring for $158.92 (top right), and Sterling Silver Rainbow Moonstone Ring for $105 (bottom right).

    10. Belesas, an Amazon retailer selling swoon-worthy, handmade jewelry from California.,,

    Why it's great: Speaking of Amazon's handmade section, here is a great seller with pretty unbeatable prices. The moonstone-centric collection is sure to catch some envious eyes.

    Rings we like: Round Moonstone Bridal Set for $229.99 (left), Pink Opal Stackable Ring for $62.99 (top right), and Rose Gold Moonstone Engagement Ring for $98.99 (bottom right).

    11. GeshaR, an Israeli seller that caters to animal lovers who want to get married in a graveyard.,,

    Why it's great: Can you get more metal than having a giant raven ring to celebrate your love? These highly detailed animal rings are definitely going to leave a lasting impression on anyone who gets a look.

    Rings we like: White Raven Ring for $145+ (left), Entwined Serpents Ring for $160+ (top right), and Hathor Ring for $118+ (bottom right).

    12. Spring, an online store offering jewelry and other items from all your favorite brands.,,

    Why it's great: If you want a unique ring for under $100, Spring has got you covered. The online store sells items from big name brands like Kate Spade, Gucci, and Marc Jacobs, so you can't go wrong.

    Rings we like: Orbit Ring for $38 (left), Tiny Marquis Ring for $70 (top right), and Rose Quartz Ring for $28 (bottom right).

    13. Tiger Gemstones, a Californian seller specializing in conflict-free jewelry.,,

    Why it's great: The majority of rings offered by this boutique are under $200, but you'd never guess it. The man-made diamonds sparkle just like the real thing and are an ethical alternative you can feel good about.

    Rings we like: Classic Oval Halo Engagement Ring for $129.97+ (left), 3 Stone Engagement Ring for $59.97+ (top right), Swirl Promise Ring for $49.97+ (bottom right).

    14. Azalea, an online store full of reasonably priced designer wares.,,

    Why it's great: Azalea has a curated selection of rings from all kinds of designers โ€” even a bunch you've never heard of. Let their good taste guide yours when you're looking for a cute ring that won't break the bank.

    Rings we like: Wavy Pearl Ring for $72 (left), Heart Eternity Ring 14kY for $285 (top right), and Diamond Wave Ring for $2075 (bottom right).

    15. Szeki Studio, an Etsy shop that's going to make you (and your SO) say "yes!!!",,

    Why it's great: This Etsy studio offers beautiful rings, plus tons of extra perks like rush orders, payment plans, free US shipping, and 30-day warranty.

    Rings we like: Morganite Engagement Ring Set for $729+ (left), Rose Gold Morganite Engagement Ring for $449.90 (top right), and Diamond Engagement Ring for $5,970+ (bottom right).

    16. Erstwhile, a swanky New York jeweler specializing in vintage rings.,,

    Why it's great: If you're looking for something Great Gatsby-esque, check out Erstwhile. Their large collection features some amazing vintage and antique pieces with charm that new jewelry just can't replicate.

    Rings we like: Edwardian Emerald and Diamond 'Moi Et Toi' Ring for $12,000 (left), .70 Carat Victorian Diamond Ring for $5,700 (top right), and Edwardian Ruby and Diamond Three Stone Ring for $9,000 (bottom right).

    17. Nida Rings, an Etsy shop that sells traditional engagement rings in a number of settings.,,

    Why it's great: Prepare to be swept away by how delightfully *sparkly* everything looks. These handmade rings are more traditional than some other stores on this list, but still offer some personality that you can only get from an Etsy seller.

    Rings we like: Solid 14k White Gold Ring Set for $1,726.00+ (left), Pear Aquamarine and Diamonds Ring Set for $1,045.00+ (top right), and Pink Morganite Ring for $559+ (bottom right).

    18. Trumpet and Horn, a seller of vintage and antique rings that's dedicated to conflict-free, environmentally conscious jewelry.,,

    Why it's great: If you're feeling wistful about the rings of yesteryear, you can peruse a large collection of vintage and antique rings over at Trumpet & Horn. If you're not sure what you're looking for, they even offer a ring quiz!

    Rings we like: A vintage 18k yellow gold cluster ring with a diamond surrounded by sapphires for $3,300 (left), a vintage 14k cocktail rings with an oval cut garnet and a ring of diamonds for $2,450, and a mid century 14k white gold cluster ring for $3,200 (bottom right).

    19. Mocha Rings, a Canadian seller with a focus on sterling silver rings.,,

    Why it's great: For ring shoppers on a tight budget, this shop is heaven-sent. Their rings manage to be affordable, but still have the "wow" factor that great engagement rings should have.

    Rings we like: Solitaire Ring for $40 (left), Art Deco Engagement Ring for $70 (top right), and Rainbow Topaz Engagement Ring for $63 (bottom right).

    20. The One I Love, a brick and mortar in NYC that conveniently has an online selection.,,

    Why it's great: This charming NYC shop has a wide variation of vintage and antique jewelry spanning from contemporary finds to Georgian items. Their offerings are basically wearable history.

    Rings we like: The Double Row Diamond Ring for $4,500 (left), The Emerald and Diamond Memorial Ring for $2,500 (top right), and Sapphire and Diamond Reese Ring for $3,000 (bottom right).

    21. LaMore Design, studio dedicated to custom-made, vintage-style rings.,,

    Why it's great: The owner of this Etsy store is a GIA Graduate Gemologist and jewelry designer who has been making custom rings for over 10 years. On top of gorgeous engagement rings, she's made an effort to make more interesting wedding bands for men after seeing how few options were out there. While picking out the perfect engagement ring, men can also find something special for their own hand.

    Rings we like: Handmade Natural Aquamarine Engagement Ring for $898+ (left), Vintage Floral Oval Aquamarine Engagement Ring for $1,185+ (top right), and Forever One Moissanite Engagement Ring for $1,698+ (bottom right).

    22. BlackTree, a Russian designer on Amazon specializing in made-to-order jewelry inspired by nature and ancient cultures.,,

    Why it's great: Another handmade Amazon seller, BlackTree offers affordable jewelry for people who like to feel in touch with nature. Their settings appear to be made out of winding twigs and leaves, making each piece feel almost magical.

    Rings we like: Sterling Silver Rainbow Moonstone Ring for $105 (left), 2 Dew+Mio Stack Ring Set for $100 (top right), and Sterling Silver Rainbow Moonstone Ring for $120 (bottom right).

    23. Leigh Jay Nacht, a top-rated NYC jewelry seller that offers in antiques and replicas.,,

    Why it's great: Shopping vintage is a solid ethical and environmental decision because to diminishes the need to mine for new stones. While expensive, these rings are little pieces of history with gigantic gemstones.

    Rings we like: Floral Engagement Ring with Vintage Diamond for $15,850 (left), Art Deco Engagement Ring for $12,750 (top right), and Art Nouveau Solitaire Engagement Ring for $8,975 (bottom right).

    24. Point No Point, an Etsy store based in Washington chock full of rings made with rough diamonds and recycled materials.,,

    Why it's great: This Etsy shop is a gold-mine for unusual ring-seekers thanks to creative settings, speckled diamonds, and lots of rose gold. If you're looking for something that's more charm than glam, this is the place.

    Rings we like: Geometric Diamond Engagement Ring in 14k Rose Gold $5,805+ (left), Grey Cushion Diamond Halo Engagement Ring in 14k Yellow Gold for $1,878+ (top right), and Emerald Halo Engagement Ring in 14k Rose Gold for $1,076+ (bottom right).

    25. Doyle & Doyle, a vintage jeweler with a wide selection of engagement rings sparkling with old-world charm.