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One Legged Prostitute

We all know the movie Titanic! It's one of the best movies of all time (in my opinion). So, one night as I was sitting at home with my siblings, we decided to watch it. The part where Jack and Rose were on the boat deck walking around and Rose wants to know what the folder was full of that Jack was carrying around. Turns out, it's a folder full of drawings of naked women! Rose was wondering about one woman in particular. "You must of had a love affair with her!" Rose told Jack. "Just with her hands. She is a one legged prostitute. See." Jack shows Rose a drawing of the woman, but nobody else got to see the drawing. Until now! Here she is, with all of her one legged glory! and with a cane! I never thought there would be an actual drawing of a one legged woman in this folder! Mind=BLOWN! You are welcome!

sarak40af10182 2 years ago