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    Winston's Dukes Thighs Looked Great In "Us" And People Can't Get Enough

    Tether me to Winston's thighs.

    If you're a human on this planet, chances are you saw Us this past weekend.

    And while I'll say that Lupita Nyong'o deserves EVERY award possible, I wanna take a quick minute to focus on something that caught my attention (and thirst): Winston Duke's gorgeous thighs.

    US is a horror film where Winston Duke is wearing shorts that highlight his thighs...and also some other stuff happens.

    Daniel Boczarski / Getty Images

    If you recall, Jordan Peele gifted the world with a close-up shot of Winston sporting some lil' boxers in bed, and because the movie is so new, this is the only screenshot I've got to work with, I'M SORRY.

    But to our delight, his thighs were out in full view during other moments too. Here's another crappy screenshot of Exhibit A:

    And an even worse screenshot of Exhibit B:

    Needless to say, I'm not the only one who felt this way:

    i’m so glad Jordan Peele made a movie about how amazing Winston Duke’s thighs are

    a sequel to Us that is two hours worth of shots of Winston Duke’s thighs. it’s what the people want.

    winston duke dumb thicc tho the whole time i kept imagining him crushing my head with his thighs #UsMovie

    Now it's no secret that Winston's been all sorts of hot. He really gave us a lot to look at in Black Panther. 👀

    And even more to look at during this Avengers press junket:

    The man knows what he's working with, and he's proud of it!

    And why wouldn't you be?! Thick thighs are beautiful!

    As a thick-thighed man myself, I can appreciate this visibility and eye candy.

    Thank you for your incredible performance and incredible self, Winston.

    In conclusion: