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20 Of The Best Places To Book A Flight Online

You're ♫leaving on a jet plane / don't know when you'll be back again♫ ... but you *do* know that you got a good deal on your flight.

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1. Airfare Watchdog to get perfectly curated flight options based on your seat preferences, preferred airlines, budget, and so much more.

One of the few travel sites to list results from Southwest Airlines in their search results, Airfare Watchdog is a one-stop shop for all your travel needs. They also have a great blog that monitors special promotions, deals, and limited-time specials.

2. for the most affordable flights to any destination, at any time.

The name quite literally says it, they find you cheap flights. searches the internet and compares more than 300 booking sites and airlines to find the lowest possible price on your next flight.

3. Booking Buddy to not only get you low-priced flight options, but also the inside scoop on when to book a trip, and how to get the best deal based on your travel restraints.

Booking Buddy, a TripAdvisor Company, uses all the info they gather from being experts in the travel industry to help you get the best deal. Like, did you know most domestic airlines release sales on Tuesday? And that Saturdays are also a great day to book?


4. Groupon because sometimes you want to book your flight with everything else (so you don't have to stress about it anymore).

Groupon offers some really awesome travel deals with flights included. Wanna go to China for a week, stay at a great hotel, and arrive at a reasonable time? Groupon has a package for that.

5. to get an extended cancellation policy, so if you aren't sure or you change your mind, you can still buy a ticket and not miss out on the deal. lets you cancel a flight purchase past the normal 24 hours that most airlines offer. Just add the extended cancelation option upon checkout, and you'll get more time to figure out what works for you.

6. Fare Buzz to find first- and business-class tickets at the lowest possible price.

Maybe you're fancy AF and want to travel in luxury, but maybe you're also financially limited. Fare Buzz allows you to find the best deals on business-class seats, you know those ones you walk past on your way back to your sardine can seat.

7. Momondo (an award-winning site) to help you find the most affordable flight based on your travel priorities.

Momondo searches thousands of airlines, travel sites, and low-cost carriers to help you find the best flights and directs you to their site based on what works for you.


8. Expedia—one of the world's largest travel companies that'll provide you with trusted flight options from hundreds and hundreds of airlines.

Most of you have probably used Expedia to book a flight before. They're one of the world's largest travel companies and are partnered with sites like Hotwire, Orbitz, Trivago,, and Travelocity. They use their size and power within the travel industry to find you the best deals.

9. Priceline so you can set your own price and still get the flight you need.

Another behemoth in the travel industry, Priceline led the charge in changing how people book flights online. They let you set your own price, and negotiate with the leading airlines to find the itinerary you need at the price you want. They also have a deep network of partners, including, Kayak, and Open Table, to make every aspect of your trip a total breeze.

10. Google Flights—probably the best way to track flight costs, get notifications on price increases and decreases, and compare costs for multiple destinations throughout the world.

Google used its mega resources and experience organizing the world's information to provide us with a one stop shop to all the flight costs and options. You can check flights, see how travel dates will affect your cost, and sign up for notifications so you'll know if your ticket ever gets cheaper (or more expensive). And make sure to always search for flights in incognito or private browsing mode to guarantee the lowest prices. Flight prices can increase when you repeatedly search, (they basically want to scare you into booking the flight quickly before prices get even higher).

11. Wow Air for crazy cheap flights to Europe from a few major hubs in the US... the only caveat is you probably *have to* have a layover in Iceland.

Wow Air lets you fly round-trip to places like London, Paris, Barcelona, and Amsterdam from many of the major US hubs for tickets starting at about $200. You just have to have a layover in Iceland on your way there! Not a bad deal.


12. La Compagnie for direct business class flights from New York to Paris at a cost you just might be able to afford.

La Compagnie is a business class-only airline that, you guessed it, only has business-class seats for trips from New York to Paris at pretty reasonable prices, (you're looking at the $1,300 range, round-trip). The whole plane is basically a comfortable AF flying box, where you wake up and immediately begin strolling the streets of Paris.

13. Living Social to get travel packages for your dream vacation at affordable prices.

Much like Groupon, Living Social provides travel packages for trips around the world. They also have specific family packages, adults-only destinations, and sometimes have sales throughout the site where you can get an additional discount off your package.

14. CheapOair—they guarantee you're getting the best price for your flight, no matter what!

Have you ever spent hours and hours trying to figure out if the flight you're booking is the cheapest possible? Well stress no more! By booking on CheapOair, you have a money-back guarantee that you are.

15. Orbitz for their awesome rewards program: while you earn miles from your flight, you'll also earn Orbitz Rewards to use on future travel.

Earning points for travel has become a religion for some. Getting status with their favorite airline leads to upgrades, discounts, and access to things you wouldn't necessarily have otherwise. Well, Orbitz offers its customers Orbitz Rewards, which gives you $1 for every $1 Orbuck earned. You'll also get access to heavier discounts on whatever travel you want to purchase.


16. Hotwire for mega-discounted tickets with their "Hot Rate flights"(you won’t know the airline or the exact flight times until after you book).

This might not be for everyone, but if you're flexible and just looking for a really great deal, Hotwire offers Hot Rates which get you the cheapest possible flight without providing you any of the details before you commit. For some this might not be okay, but for others who just want the cheapest possible flight this could be a dream come true.

17. The Flight Deal for the frequent flyer who just wants an amazing journey and doesn't care about the destination.

Have you ever heard those stories about people getting flights to places like Cape Town, Dubai, or Milan for a couple hundred dollars round-trip. Well, if you haven't, let me tell you about a $200 ticket that got me a first class trip to Abu Dhabi. The Flight Deal is the place to find those bargains. You should also probably follow their Twitter because they'll tweet out all the best deals throughout the day.

18. Hipmunk to have your own personal, online travel agent.

Hipmunk offers a much more personal touch when you're trying to book a flight. Shoot them a quick email to see what options are available, (CC anyone interested on taking the journey with you), and integrate your calendar to get suggestions on events happening at your destination.

19. Kayak to see a forecast for the prices of your flight based on a huge databank of information (so you can book at just the right time).

Nothing sucks more than buying a ticket for your next trip, only to see the price drop a few days later. Or waiting on a flight only to see the cost sky rocket! Kayak makes it a little easier to predict those changes, so you can always get the best price.

20. Skyscanner for their weekly newsletter filled with awesome travel tips, deals, and inspiration for future trips.

We'll take any help we can get when it comes to finding affordable travel to destinations around the world and Skyscanner does just that. They'll send you a weekly newsletter with all sorts of tips, tricks, hacks, and help on booking budget trips to amazing destinations.