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38 Vegan Holiday Recipes For Thanksgiving, Christmas, Or Any Cold Winter Night

We've got you covered whether you need meal ideas for Thanksgiving, Christmas, or any other winter dinner occasion.

Whitney Jefferson 3 days ago

What Hidden Gems Have You Found On Disney+ So Far?

Let's talk about the sleeper hits of Disney+.

Whitney Jefferson 4 days ago

Moby Got Giant "Animal Rights" Arm Tattoos To Match His Giant "Vegan For Life" Neck Tattoo

His right arm says "ANIMAL" and his left arm says "RIGHTS."

Whitney Jefferson 9 days ago

Which Pixar Movie Should You Watch Tonight On Disney+?

Which of the Pixar movies streaming on Disney+ matches your mood?

Whitney Jefferson 10 days ago

Here Are All The Cartoons You Can Now Watch On Disney+

Get excited, millennials: Goof Troop, DuckTales, TaleSpin and Darkwing Duck are all available to stream on Disney+.

Whitney Jefferson 10 days ago

All The Marvel Movies And TV Shows On Disney+

A complete list of all the Marvel titles that you can now stream on Disney+.

Whitney Jefferson 10 days ago

¿Fuiste una "típica adolescente de finales de los 90"?

Una lista para aquellos que extrañan los 90.

Brian Galindo 14 days ago
Whitney Jefferson 17 days ago
Whitney Jefferson 18 days ago



Whitney Jefferson 18 days ago
Whitney Jefferson 21 days ago

13 Portraits Of Celebrities That You've Probably Never Seen

Raise your hand if you'd party with Leonardo DiCaprio and Charlize Theron back in the '90s too.

Whitney Jefferson 21 days ago

"High Fidelity" Is Coming Back As A TV Show Starring Zoë Kravitz

She'll also serve as executive producer for the new show.

Whitney Jefferson 23 days ago
Whitney Jefferson 23 days ago

Todos los disfraces que las celebridades han utilizado en Halloween 2019... hasta ahora

Desde Jessica Biel disfrazándose como Justin Timberlake en sus días de NSYNC, hasta Heidi Klum en alien...

Whitney Jefferson 25 days ago

Here's All The Celebrity Halloween Costumes From This Year

Here's what celebrities are wearing for Halloween this year.

Whitney Jefferson 26 days ago

34 filmes que farão você se perguntar "QUEM aprovou esse absurdo?"

De "O Amor é Cego" a "Lobocop", alguns filmes simplesmente não deveriam ter saído do papel de tão ruins ou problemáticos que foram.

Whitney Jefferson 28 days ago
Whitney Jefferson 29 days ago

The 62 Most Beautiful Celebrity Weddings Of The Decade

You have to see them to believe them.

Whitney Jefferson 29 days ago

19 Family-Friendly Movies People Can't Believe Were Actually Made

I guess School of Rock isn't as much of an innocent story as we thought.

Whitney Jefferson One month ago