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Weird Things Your Favorite Teen And Child Stars Are Up To Now

In the recent months, we've learned that Alicia Silverstone is bird-feeding her kid, Mayim Bialik is still breast-feeding her three-year-old kid, and that Lark Voorhies looks absolutely nothing like she used to. I guess that means it's time to figure out which of our other fan favorites are doing weird things in 2012.

Alicia Silverstone

How You First Got To Know Her: Clueless, Batman & Robin, Blast From The Past, and a number of Aerosmith music videos.

Recent weirdness:Posted a video and photos of chewing up her child's food and spitting it into his mouth, like a bird, then defended the act, calling it "adorable". She also named her baby "Bear Blu", which is pretty weird.

Kel Mitchell

How You First Got To Know Him: Nickelodeon's All That and Kenan and Kel

Recent weirdness: Was rumored to be addicted to orange soda drugs but appears to have turned it all around by finding religion. He recently got married and is a little extreme about it: when asked if he could have one wish immediately granted, he replied, that everyone I meet would give their life to Christ." And yet, he's still hosting night at the club that boasts $3 orange soda shots.

Mayim Bialik

How You First Got To Know Her: TV's Blossom.

Recent weirdness: Is still breastfeeding her 3 1/2 year old son (sometimes in public, spotted doing so on the NYC subway) and defended the TIME magazine breastfeeding cover.

Danny Tamberelli

How You First Got To Know Him: Pete & Pete's Little Pete.

Recent weirdness: Posed shirtless for Man Boobs, a sketch comedy troupe he inspired, which is pretty weird. Not so weird? He plays in a band called Jounce.

Lark Voorhies

How You First Got To Know Her: Saved By The Bell's Lisa Turtle

Recent weirdness: Showed up out of nowhere to an interview looking, er, different than she used to.

Michael Bower

How You First Got To Know Him: Donkey Lips on Salute Your Shorts

Recent weirdness: His now defunct myspace page reveals his new passion: his rap career. Though if he's not rhyming about Camp Anawana, I'm not sure I want hear it.

Amanda Bynes

How You First Got To Know Her: All That, The Amanda Show

Recent weirdness: Arrested for driving drunk and crashing into a cop car just last week, has a history of public intoxication. Dyed her hair lilac.

Frankie Muniz

How You First Got To Know Him: Malcolm In The Middle

Recent weirdness: Muniz recently moved to Arizona to get out of the spotlight and started a rock band. He plays drums and wears a goatee.

Robin Kelly

How You First Got To Know Her: Eric's hot older sister on That 70's Show

Recent weirdness: Is reportedly addicted to drugs and was just recently arrested for domestic violence.

Taran Noah Smith

How You First Got To Know Him: Home Improvement

Recent weirdness: At age 17 Taran married a woman who was age 33. She divorced him in 2007 and supposedly took most of his money. To make matters worse, this past February he was arrested for posession of weed.

Tara Reid

How You First Got To Know Her: American Pie, The Big Lebowski

Recent weirdness: Was just engaged, married, and divorced over the span of two weeks. Had a horrible boob job that left her nipples looking crazy and soon after had a tragic nip slip that revealed the botched plastic surgery to the world.

Eddie (Edward) Furlong

How You First Got To Know Him: Terminator 2, Detroit Rock City, American History X

Recent weirdness: Was arrested for "freeing" lobsters from the tank at a Kentucky grocery store.

Amy Jo Johnson

How You First Got To Know Her: The Pink Ranger of the original Mighty Morphin Power Rangers series, Felicity

Recent weirdness: She gave up acting for her weird art.

Jason Frank

How You First Got To Know Him: The Mighty Morphin Power Rangers

Recent weirdness: Speaking of Power Rangers, Jason Frank got his start at the sexy (in my pre-teen opinion) green ranger. Now he's an MMA/UFC fighter.

Jennifer Love Hewitt

How You First Got To Know Her: Kids Incorporated, Party of Five

Recent weirdness: Is currently starring in a Lifetime series about working at a massage parlor that specialized in happy endings but also won't stop telling world how much she loves to vajazzle her vajayjay.

Jeremy Jackson

How You First Got To Know Him: Baywatch

Recent weirdness: Got some funky-looking plastic surgery, rocked a mullet, went to rehab, showed up on the VH1 reality show Confessions of a a Teen Idol.

Pamela Anderson

How You First Got To Know Her: Baywatch

Recent weirdness: Allegedly stopped paying her taxes. After dating weirdo Tommy Lee she moved onto weirdo Kid Rock ...and later revealed that she has Hepatitis C.

Eric Nies

How You First Got To Know Him: The Real World: New York, The Grind

Recent weirdness: Besides the look he's currently sporting, he stars in YouTube videos about his spirituality for Peace Has Begun.

Jenny McCarthy

How You First Got To Know Her: MTV and Singled Out

Recent weirdness: Dated fellow weirdo Jim Carrey for a while, it ended over her love of her religion (surprise!) scientology. She's also come under fire for championing a discredited study that links autism and vaccines.

Macaulay Culkin

How You First Got To Know Him: Home Alone, My Girl, Richie Rich, The Pagemaster

Recent weirdness: Spends his nights DJing in clubs 'round the world, was recently seen out and about looking a lot like Steve Buscemi (which is to say: not good).

Tori Spelling

How You First Got To Know Her: Beverly Hills, 90210 and being Aaron Spelling's only daughter.

Recent weirdness: Is an ALWAYS-PREGNANT BABY MACHINE! She just got pregnant a mere 4 months after giving birth. She's adopted many, many animals — including a goat she named Totes McGoat.

Jamie Walters

How You First Got To Know Him: Beverly Hills, 90210, The Heights, the song "How Do You Talk To An Angel"

Recent weirdness: The one-hit-wonder turned up on Vh1's reality series Confessions of a Teen Idol and supposedly spends his days as a firefighter, paramedic, and writing songs.

Claire Danes

How You First Got To Know Her: My So-Called Life, Romeo and Juliet

Recent weirdness: Rumored to have crazy, mutant eyes after her turn as the spokeswoman for Latisee eyelash-growing treatment reportedly messed up her eyes. Reports suggest that the treatment can tint your eyes a brown color that cannot be fixed. (Otherwise, she's just lovely.)

Jared Leto

How You First Got To Know Him: My So-Called Life

Recent weirdness: Is really obsessed with his band, 30 Seconds To Mars, and being a muse for Terry Richardson. Surely, he's got to be the most-photographed male subject of the 'celebrity photographer' — and it's almost always shirtless.

Jodie Sweetin

How You First Got To Know Her: Full House

Recent weirdness: Was addicted to meth. She went to rehab and is now apparently clean — and also a mother!

Damon Sharpe

How You First Got To Know Him: The Saturday-morning series The Guys Next Door, a backup dancer for Tiffany.

Recent weirdness: He's currently a music producer ...but is also a rapper. Of course.

Rebecca Gayheart

How You First Got To Know Her: The face of Noxzema in the '90s, Jawbreaker, Scream 2, Beverly Hills, 90210

Recent weirdness: Made headlines after engaging in a drug-addled threesome with her husband, Eric Dane (McSteamy!), and Miss Teen USA when the video became leaked on the internet. Before that, her career tanked when committed vehicular manslaughter.

Kirk Cameron

How You First Got To Know Him: Melrose Place

Recent weirdness: Is constantly making public appearances saying that homosexuality is "detrimental and destructive to society" and "unnatural". That's funny, because he's done more than a few things in his life that were unnatural.

Tia and Tamera Mowry

How You First Got To Know Them: Sister, Sister

Recent weirdness: Grossed out the world when Tia drank her sister's breast milk on their new reality show.

Blake McIver Ewing

How You First Got To Know Him: Little Rascals, Full House

Recent weirdness: He's actually not up to anything weird (that we know of, at least — I mean, he even looks like you would imagine that kid to grow up like) but my mind was blown when I found out he voiced Hey Arnold's Eugene and Menlow on Recess.

Lindsay Lohan

How You First Got To Know Her: The Parent Trap, Mean Girls

Recent weirdness: ...Surely you've seen what she looks like today by now.