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26 Lisa Turtle Moments From "Saved By The Bell" That Never Get Old

Lisa Turtle is goals!

If we're talking classic television of the late '80s and '90s, Saved by the Bell is an automatic topic of conversation.

Saved by the Bell was a fan-favorite series with awesome lead characters — Zack Morris, Jessie Spano, Samuel "Screech" Powers, Kelly Kapowski, Lisa Turtle, and A.C. Slater — were kids we all wanted to go to school with.

Lisa, played by Lark Voorhies, was one of the most popular kids at Bayside High.

She was fashion-forward, funny, a social butterfly, and a loyal friend.

Lisa smiles for the Bayside High video yearbook

Lark also reprised the role in recent years for the SBTB reboot, and Lisa is just as cool (and stylish) as ever.

Lark Voorhies as Lisa Turtle smiles during Season 2 of the "Saved by the Bell" reboot

Here are 26 of her best Saved by the Bell moments that made me a lifelong Lisa Turtle fan.

1. When she had a valid reason for hurting her ankle.

Lisa explains how she sprained her ankle to Slater, Jessie and Kelly

2. When she and Screech turned lemons into lemonade and created a new dance move with her injury.

Lisa Turtle dances at The Max and creates a new dance move called "The Sprain"

3. When she set her sights on becoming a big name in the fashion industry.

Lisa tells her friends she wants to become a fashion designer when she grows up

4. When she gave great relationship advice for a teen hotline.

Lisa offers words of wisdom to a classmate who's thinking of dating someone named Moose for a teen advice hotline

5. Also, when she had her priorities straight.

Lisa handles an important phone call regarding shopping

6. When she helped Slater gain confidence during his courtship with a princess.

Lisa gives Slater advice on dating a princess

7. When she presented herself as the royal that she is.

Lisa informs Slater that princesses take a while to prepare for going out

8. When she gave a straightforward SAT response.

Lisa takes the SATs

9. When she could accessorize like no other.

Lisa holds a pink drink to match her clothes

10. While we're on the subject of fashion, pretty much any time Lisa appeared on screen, she had a chic outfit to show off.

I'm not exaggerating...

...at all.

But I digress...

11. When she got philosophical.

Lisa presents questions about art to Brian

12. When she knew money like the back of her hand.

Lisa finds a bag filled with money at the mall and counts the total amount using her senses

13. When she made it clear she was available.

Lisa shoves Zack away from her on the dance floor at The Attic

14. When she reminded others that nobody's perfect.

Lisa defends herself after forgetting to confirm her parents' beach house as the venue for Zack's birthday party

15. When she was encouraging toward Screech before asking him to the prom.

Lisa says kind words to Screech while they talk about the prom

16. When her Miss Liberty pageant response was superior.

Lisa explains what the Fourth of July means to her during the finals of the Miss Liberty pageant

17. When she wasn't here for Jessie being messy.

Lisa tosses Jessie's clothes out of the house

18. When she had an amazing sixth sense.

Lisa identifies a wrapped birthday gift from a guest at her sweet 16 party

19. When she displayed her impressive fashion designs (worn by her besties), which helped her get into FIT.

Zack, Slater, and Jessie and Kelly model Lisa's clothes at The Max

20. When she kept it real.

Lisa tells Jessie that she could easily get rid of an intruder through her tendency to nag others

21. When she demonstrated her creative side with a poem, "Ode to the Mall."

Lisa Turtle recites a poem she wrote in front of the class

22. When she made sure to stay in the know.

Lisa tries to find out where Slater is planning to take Jessie out on a date

23. When she was voted homecoming queen and ate up being in the spotlight.

Zack congratulates Lisa on winning the homecoming queen title

24. When she donated her time to visiting kids in the hospital during the holidays.

Lisa helps a boy in the hospital put the star on top of a Christmas tree

25. When her video yearbook standards were on brand.

Lisa doesn't love the backdrop for the video yearbook since it doesn't match her dress

26. Lastly, when she made sacrifices for her education.

Lisa gets ready to take an unexpected test using eyeliner since she doesn't have any pencils

Now, I'm off to practice doing "The Sprain" so I can use it the next time I'm on the dance floor!

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