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    Jason Derulo's TikTok Videos Are The One Gem That Has Come From Quarantine

    Featuring snakes, chipped teeth, and a whole lot of shirtless dancing.

    Hate it or love it, Jason Derulo has become an internet sensation on TikTok.

    On Sunday, the "Too Hot" singer celebrated 21 MILLION followers on the platform by baking Gordon Ramsay's favorite dessert and getting his approval:


    The legendary @gordonramsayofficial tasted my #MilliMeal

    ♬ SAVAGE LOVE. Jason Derulo - jasonderulo

    So, how does one amass 21 million followers on TikTok, you ask? Well, you start by posting a lot of shirtless dance videos, for one:

    I truly suspect there's a method to Jason Derulo's madness, I just haven't cracked the code yet. Until then, let's recap his wildest TikTok videos — so far. Check them out ahead:

    1. When he did the Flip the Switch challenge in his underwear, for no apparent reason:


    I just flipped the switch #fyp #foryoupage

    ♬ Nonstop - Drake

    2. When he did the Renegade dance like this:

    3. When he showed us how to REALLY do the "Toosie Slide":

    4. When he made a donut burger:


    Big a$$ Doughnut burger. Happy 17 milli #MilliMeals

    ♬ Tadow - Masego & FKJ

    5. When he did the "Can’t Touch This" dance in one take — in his robe, nonetheless:

    6. When he got a little big-headed:

    7. When he lost a bet and had to “shave” off his eyebrows:


    How long does it take for an eyebrow to grow back?!?! @mrmovi3

    ♬ original sound - jasonderulo

    8. When he made this cringeworthy remake of The Godfather with his dog:

    9. When he did this dance and people couldn’t stop making memes about it:


    Thank god for surgery, my eyebrow’s back 😂

    ♬ Lpb Poody - Address It - bebesita.vina

    10. When he first pretended he accidentally knocked his own tooth out:


    Gonna need a trip to the dentist 😷

    ♬ original sound - jasonderulo

    11. When he showed us the behind-the-scenes of how he makes those viral “cooking” videos:

    12. When he posted this very relatable quarantine TikTok:


    Been washing my hands so much...

    ♬ Ah ah ah - Vocal

    13. When he made this super-difficult home workout look easy:


    Way harder than it looks @jenafrumes

    ♬ Up & Down - Vengaboys

    14. When he showed off his acting skills and almost made us forget about Cats...almost:

    15. When he introduced us to pancake cereal:

    16. When he showed off his insane bedroom:

    17. When he did this with a snake 😳:


    Slidin’ - Comment when you see it 👀

    ♬ soundcloud is crazed - evintage

    18. When he jumped into his pants and all I could focus on was his, ahem, anaconda:


    How I’m putting on pants from now on

    ♬ Wing$ - Macklemore & Ryan Lewis

    19. When he proved that his dog was a very good boy:

    20. When he did the Wipe It Down challenge and his third arm was on full display:


    With great power comes great responsibility #wipeitdown @maxymaxmax

    ♬ Wipe It Down - BMW KENNY

    21. And, of course, his corn on a drill life hack gone wrong:


    Don’t try this 😭😭😭

    ♬ original sound - jasonderulo

    Thanks for keeping us entertained, Jason Desrouleaux.