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    Jason Derulo Put A Footlong Sandwich Over His Dick To Send Instagram A Powerful Message About Large Penises

    This is what activism looks like.

    It's hard to know where to even BEGIN with this saga, but let's start here: Two weeks ago, Jason Derulo posted a very revealing photo on his Instagram page.

    @jasonderulo / Via Instagram

    People couldn't help but notice what was happening in the crotchular area — specifically, a very noticeable penis outline.

    @jasonderulo / Via Instagram

    And apparently, Instagram's moderators couldn't help but notice it either, because they took the photo down.

    @jasonderulo / Via Instagram

    Jason was VERY upset about the photo's removal — at one point claiming it was an example of discrimination.

    @jasonderulo / Via Instagram
    @jasonderulo / Via Instagram

    "I gotta talk to Instagram," Jason told TMZ. "I really do think it's discrimination, all jokes aside. I really do."

    Well, today, Jason re-posted the controversial photo on Instagram. And in protest of the platform's discriminatory policies against large penises, he bravely photoshopped a footlong turkey sub on top of his dick.

    This is activism!

    @jasonderulo / Via Instagram

    "Is this better?" he captioned the pic.

    Thank you, Jason Derulo, for all your hard work defending the big dick community.


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