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Jason Derulo Is Pissed That Instagram Took Down The Pic Of Him Not So Subtly Showing Off His "Anaconda" (His Penis)

The snake has been tamed.

Well, it was bound to happen. The picture heard around the world — of Jason Derulo's 🍆 (his wiener) — has been deleted.

Oh, you didn't see it? Don't worry, I saved it before it was taken down.

Yes, that one.

Anyway, it's gone now. 'Cause Instagram deleted it, and Jason Derulo is maddddddd.

True, he has underwear on.

But also, it's clear what is reallly going on here and that Jason wants to #bringbackAnaconda.

Anaconda being the brand of his underwear, I'm sure.

Not even Marina Bitsch, who made such a wholesome and pure comment about the original pic, could stop Instagram from finding and deleting the photo.

But you know what I say? Finally, justice is served. Because if we can't show our nips, then sorry, but your extremely obvious dick outline should be off-limits too. So until we can live in a world where both the anaconda AND the nipples can be free, then a feed full of puppies it will be.