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    Jason Derulo Said He Was Only "Semi" Aroused In THAT Underwear Photo, And, Yeah, That's All I Got

    "When it's fully aroused, it's a different beast."

    Jason Derulo has a bone to pick with Instagram.

    Elisabetta Villa / Getty Images

    On Wednesday, TMZ caught up with the singer and asked him about Instagram taking down his now-viral underwear photo.

    Yes, that one.

    According to Jason, the photo was unjustly removed per Instagram's policy regarding dick print photos, and, honestly, I never even knew they had one.

    When TMZ said it was because Jason appeared to be erect in the photo, Jason clarified that was not the case. "I was not aroused. I was literally, like, coming out of the water," he explained.


    "I don't want to say I was shriveled up. I definitely didn't [have] the cold shrivel," he added.

    For emphasis, Jason gave a mini-lesson on erections, explaining that "it leans more to the front. If it's just on the side, and it's just chilling on the side, it's a semi."


    "An arousal looks different. It's a different vibe. When it's fully aroused, it's a different beast," he shared.

    Jason also said he doesn't think he will post any more underwear thirst traps after this. And I'm semi distraught.


    "I gotta talk to Instagram. I really do think it's discrimination, all jokes aside," he said. "Just stop hating on the kid. Let me live."

    I second that! #BringBackTheEggplant🍆!


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