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Jason Derulo Tried To Eat Corn Off A Power Drill And Things Did Not Go Well

"Don't try this." -Jason

If you've never seen people try to eat corn on the cob off a power drill, well, it is a very bad idea:

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But, apparently Jason Derulo thought it was a good idea to try it.

On Tuesday, he posted a TikTok of himself eating corn off of a power drill — calling it a "life hack" — but, let's just say, things ended badly:


Don’t try this 😭😭😭

♬ original sound - jasonderulo

He turned the drill on, it started speeding up, and he started trying to aggressively eat the kernels.

However, he abruptly stopped and appeared to be in pain as he showed his chipped front teeth.

This happened all so quickly, and my first instinct is to assume that it is a prank. Especially after Jason pulled this tooth prank last month:


Gonna need a trip to the dentist 😷

♬ original sound - jasonderulo

I will say that – if it is a prank – Jason is stepping his game up because his tooth just looks like it is blacked out in the pool video and in the corn video it looks more ~realistic~.

After posting the power drill corn video, he also posted this follow up where he sounds toothless. It's pretty funny:


@jenafrumes trying to make me feel better😭

♬ original sound - jasonderulo

So teeth or no teeth, I think it's pretty safe to say that Jason is enjoying TikTok during this quarantine.