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  • Top Seven Employee Stereotypes As Characterized By The Office

    Unfortunately, bad employees are a fact of the workplace life. The NBC TV show success, The Office, hit the nail on the head with their interpretation of the workplace. Whether it’s a case of chronic laziness (Creed), awkward inner-office flirting (Meredith), or the persistent know-it-all (Dwight), there is always an employee story to talk about at parties. When it comes to your coworkers or employees, here are the top seven employee-types present in almost all workplace offices:

  • 10 Out Of This World Holiday Gifts

    After Halloween, the retail stores are quick to make the switch to holiday madness. This, of course, sends everyone into a panic because they are forced to think about all the things they need to buy for the holidays. Holiday gift buying seems to create more pressure every year to top what was given the year before. Before everyone starts panicking, there are a few ways to ensure that this year’s holiday shopping will be epic. Everyone wants to buy the best gifts, but they need to remain within their budget so they can pay the bills after the holiday season is over. Here are ten out-of-this-world holiday gifts that will please even the most demanding people on the holiday list.

  • Eight Reasons Surfing Is The Gnarliest Sport

    If you’re a surfer, you’ve heard the haters—the ones who claim surfing isn’t a sport. The ones who don’t know the upper body strength it takes to paddle for hours. The ones who have never tried to jump from stomach position to standing in a matter of seconds. The ones who don’t recognize the continuity between balance and core. But you, the seasoned surfer, know the truth. You know the minute you paddle into the waves, it doesn’t matter what others think, because it’s just you, the board, and the water. Here are eight reasons surfing is the gnarliest sport:

  • 10 Reasons Blind Dating Is So Emotionally Draining

    It’s that time of your life when all of your happy and in love friends decide it’s time to return the favor and set you up on a date. They’re in their blissful state of a new relationship, and believe that all people should be as happy as they are. Of course, that means you, the single one of the group, has to fend off all of their attempts at setting you up. But eventually, because they’re so persistent, you finally cave at one of their attempts and find yourself getting ready for a blind date.

  • Seven of the Most Epic Places to Visit in China

    China is kind of a large country. Formed by almost 4 million square miles with more than 1.3 billion people squeezed inside, a trip to China leaves no shortage of things to do. While visiting places like Shanghai, the Great Wall, and the Forbidden City are obviously great destinations, a trip to China isn’t complete without venturing outside the major tourist destinations. If China is on your list of upcoming destinations, check out these seven outside the box and unique things to and places to see in the beautiful country of China.

  • The Seven Most Popular Halloween Costumes You’ll See This Halloween

    Every Halloween, there are a handful of costumes that seem to pop up in every group of friends. After “The Dark Knight” came out, it seemed like everybody was the Joker. A few years ago, Twilight based characters seemed to be what everyone was rocking. And last year, you couldn’t go a block without seeing Miley Cyrus. So what are the hottest Halloween costumes of 2014 going to be? Whether you’re planning on dressing up and joining the masses or wish to avoid the trends, check out these seven.

  • Five Surefire Ways To Ruin A Beautiful Wedding

    You’ve all been to one. The wedding is going so well, and it’s clear the bride and groom are enjoying their special day together. But then, all of a sudden and without any warning, the drunken uncle trips across the stage and somehow knocks the bride into a pool. During the height of wedding season, chances are you’ve either been to a few weddings or have a few on the radar. Or maybe your Facebook feed is full of them. If you’re lucky enough to be invited to your friend’s wedding, be sure to be on your best behavior, get the couple a wonderful present, don’t steal the cool groomsmen gifts, and avoid these additional five ways to ruin a beautiful wedding.

  • Five TV Characters We Wish We Could Spend More Time With

    Bonding with a character on a television show is what makes the show great. With thousands of characters throughout the history of television, it’s a shame when one has to go. Be it through an untimely death on the show or a cancelled season, it’s always sad when your favorite character is no longer around. We’ve compiled a list of some of our favorite television characters who we no longer are able to share new adventures. Fortunately, we always have Netflix and reruns!

  • Five Insane Vacation Ideas that are Better than the Beach

    As summer continues to heat up and the weather across the country is downright beautiful, we’re starting to reach peak vacation season. Sure, your yearly trip to the beach or camping at the lake still sounds fun, but wouldn’t you be interested in something a bit more adventurous this year? While some of these ideas might not exactly be as budget friendly as a few nights at the KOA campground, these destinations are sure to offer quite the experience, and then some.

  • The Five Types Of Neighbors You Should Hope You Never Live Next To

    Location, location, location, realtors will say. But that beautiful house in that fantastic location isn’t as beautiful and fantastic if you have obnoxious neighbors. Chances are at some point or another you’ve dealt with neighbors that were less than ideal, and it’s really no fun. Whether you’re renting or buying, make sure you scout out the area in hopes of avoiding living near any of these nasty neighbors.

  • Six Outdoor Activities That Are Just Around The Corner

    While it’s clear that the winter of the snowpocalypse shows no signs of slowing down, one could reasonably assume that spring must be coming sooner than later. Sure, it’s still frigid in most of the country right now, but looking forward a few weeks (or months) the sun must come out eventually. While you sit by your fire sipping hot cocoa (in March), check out these six outdoor activities to get you pumped up for what should be a beautiful spring. Unless, of course, the snowpocalypse continues throughout the rest of the year.

  • The 5 Greatest Modern Family Episodes Of All Time

    And you thought YOUR family was weird? Unless you’ve been living under a rock with no television for the past five years, you’ve undoubtedly at least heard of Modern Family. With multiple Emmy wins for show/writing & actor performances, it’s now reached nearly iconic status in sitcom world. Recently entering syndication on the USA channel, it will undoubtedly continue to delight audiences for years to come with venues to watch Modern Family online. It’s still going strong - alive and kicking as of this writing, though, so don’t forget to catch the current episodes each week. This show is so good, it’s more than a hard call to list only 5 of the Best Episodes, but here’s one of the best attempts you’ll ever read.

  • 5 Staircases MC Escher Would Be Proud Of

    When searching for a new home has this thought ever crossed your mind, “I can’t stand the ugly and cramped staircases”? At least the architects and builders remembered the staircases, right? You may want to stop yourself from running down any these artistic stairway creations that might make the mad graphic artist himself, MC Escher, jealous. When searching for the next home renovation, forget about adding granite counter tops to the kitchen and reform your home’s Feng Shui with these modern masterpieces.

  • 6 People You Probably Should Not Invite On A Hunting Trip

    There are always those friends you believe belong in real life version of The Most Dangerous Game. Perhaps that same buddy would have won the Hunger Games against Katniss and Peeta if such a tale was reality. So when you’re planning a hunting trip with a few friends, those other individuals don’t necessarily receive an open invitation. So when packing for your next duck, Yukon moose, whitetail deer, or even bear hunt, these select few men shouldn’t make it on the guest list. Pack your guns, crossbows, stock up on ammo from Calibersnm.com, but do not hunt when these men are nearby.

  • Five Little White Lies That Men Tell Women

    He may be Mr. Right for you, but don’t believe he’s Honest Abe for a second. Every man lies. Even if it’s a small fib or a tall tale, he’s got an ability to spin the truth. Look out for these common little lies men are apt to tell.

  • 8 Ways The Bride Goes Overboard When Planning The Wedding

    You can’t fight the bride when she’s planning the wedding. Men, it’s understandable if you want to sit back, relax, and watch football while she does all the planning with her mom, sisters, friends, and the wedding planner. Unfortunately that’s not the case. But look out for these potential situations or indicators that the bride-to-be may need a timeout.

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