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Five Insane Vacation Ideas that are Better than the Beach

As summer continues to heat up and the weather across the country is downright beautiful, we’re starting to reach peak vacation season. Sure, your yearly trip to the beach or camping at the lake still sounds fun, but wouldn’t you be interested in something a bit more adventurous this year? While some of these ideas might not exactly be as budget friendly as a few nights at the KOA campground, these destinations are sure to offer quite the experience, and then some.

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Underwater Hotel

While it sounds like something directly out of the future, underwater hotels are actually popping up more frequently around the globe. Whether you’re up for traveling to Fiji, or want to take a quick trip to Key Largo, finding an underwater hotel is becoming easier and easier.

Sleep in a room that’s quite literally underwater. With panoramic glass surrounding you, you’ll wake up to the sites of sea life swimming just outside your room. It’s an unforgettable experience that, if you can afford it, you should absolutely consider.

Ice Hotel

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While many people prefer summer vacations that offer warm weather, some actually seek to escape the heat. Those people should opt for a vacation in an ice hotel.

Most common in places where it’s, well, cold, ice hotels are exactly as they sound: hotels made of ice. Guests typically don heavy coats to stay warm in these frigid hotels, although beautifully designed bars made of ice also help to warm the soul.

A Trip to Outerspace

If you’re really up for an adventurous vacation, why not just go to outerspace? Private spaceflight is a burgeoning industry, and while it’s likely an expensive vacation, how cool will it be to tell all your friends that you just returned from space?

Vacationing in space typically requires a significant amount of training in order to be ready for this once in a lifetime experience. If it sounds like something you might be interested in, start saving today, since a spot with Virgin Galactic costs about $250,000.

Luxury African Safari

Going on an African safari is on many bucket lists. If it’s on yours, why wait any longer? Better yet, don’t spend your safari sleeping in the dirt and eating cans of beans; opt for a safari in luxury.

Whether you want to see gorillas in their natural habitat, or search the planes for the big cats, going on a luxury African safari is a truly unforgettable experience.


For thrill seekers and relaxers alike, Dubai has it all. From the world’s largest man-made island to the world’s only 7 star hotel, Dubai is home to luxury unlike anywhere else.

If you’re into horse racing, Dubai has one of the world’s largest horse racing track, complete with a trackside 5 star hotel. If you’d rather spend some time at the beach, Dubai has world-class beaches and warm water just waiting to invite you in. Be careful, however; a trip to Dubai can easily empty the savings account.