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The Seven Most Popular Halloween Costumes You'll See This Halloween

Every Halloween, there are a handful of costumes that seem to pop up in every group of friends. After “The Dark Knight” came out, it seemed like everybody was the Joker. A few years ago, Twilight based characters seemed to be what everyone was rocking. And last year, you couldn’t go a block without seeing Miley Cyrus. So what are the hottest Halloween costumes of 2014 going to be? Whether you’re planning on dressing up and joining the masses or wish to avoid the trends, check out these seven.

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The Ice Bucket Challenge

You thought you were going to be creative this year dressing up as “The Ice Bucket Challenge”. Well, you won’t be the only one. Expect people to affix bucket lookalikes to their heads in order to mimic the popular, viral trend going on. In fact, some stores are already beginning to sell pre-made ice bucket challenge costumes. Just, wow.

Every single character from Frozen

Whether it’s an adult or a kid, you can bet that you’ll see just about every character from the hit movie Frozen this Halloween. Whether it’s Anna, Elsa, Olaf or Sven, the whole “Let It Go” crew will be trick or treating through your neighborhood. Just be sure to avoid being ripped off by the Halloween costume stores, and DIY.

Star Wars…it’s coming back!

With the release of the new Star Wars movies inching closer and closer, expect Star Wars costumes to make a reappearance this year. It's easy for the whole family to go as Star Wars characters too, all you need are some kids robes, lightsabers, a few droids, and an imperial starship and you're good to go.

Social media costumes

Remember a few years ago when being a Facebook page was a popular Halloween costume? You can expect to see an “updated version” this year. With a host of popular new social media networks, social media costumes are hotter than ever. Whether you plan on dressing up as a disappearing Snapchat or having your friends swipe right or left on your Tinder screen, expect to see the latest wave of social media out this Halloween.

Ninja Turtles

With the release of the new Ninja Turtles movie this August, one could reasonably expect to see a good number of large turtles walking around their neighborhood. They may be a little upset when you pass out candy instead of pizza, however, so beware!


Yes, sharks. Between Sharknado, Shark Week, and sharks being cool animals in general, expect sharks to be a popular Halloween costume this year. Whether that’s a hammerhead or a great white, expect a flurry of creativity when it comes to shark costumes this upcoming Halloween.

Primate costumes

Keeping with the animal theme, expect to see more than just the usual ape costumes this year. With the release of the second Planet of the Apes, Koba and Cesar costumes are already popping up at Halloween retail outlets. And, unlike ape costumes, these Planet of the Apes costumes are a bit more terrifying.