20 People Who Tried To Find An Original Way To Go As Miley Cyrus For Halloween

Halloween 2013, meet your “Gangnam Style.”

1. Paris Hilton gave the foam finger and onesie a shot.

2. Of course, so did this guy.

3. This guy added a full bodysuit.

4. And, uh, Joan Rivers did it this way…

5. This girl decided to go as the wrecking ball.

6. Look how happy this kid looks.

I came in like a wrecking ball!! What an influence Miley is.. #wreckingball #mileycyrus #halloweencostume

— EvanPater1 (@Evan Pater)

7. Some people are going as Miley mid-wrecking ball ride.

8. Costume legs are a must if you want to pull this off.

9. But feel free to think outside of the box!

10. Classy and sophisticated.

11. A Miley Cyrus-themed costume can be perfect for couples.

Halloween costume for us @davysaysrelax ? Would go well with jacks wrecking ball one :)

— AshGbarmy (@AshGbarmy)

12. The standby is, of course, to go as Miley and Robin Thicke.

13. Hugh Hefner and his girlfriend did it.

@StylishCyrus Hugh Hefner is dressed as Robin and his girlfriend as Miley lmfao #MileyWeen

— MuneraIsFab (@BUY BANGERZ)

14. But why stop there?

15. Nailed it.

Shannon Sheppard just sent in a picture of her two friends dressed as Miley Cyrus and her wrecking ball! - Rob


16. Miley and her bear work just as well.

17. This guy has a pretty good rundown of how to put together a last-minute Miley costume if you’re working on a budget.

18. But remember, Miley Cyrus costumes aren’t just for humans.

19. Look at this fashionable pooch.


— AuburnsCamel (@Jewey J✡)

20. Tottie the pug, here, is a total pro.

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