20 People Who Tried To Find An Original Way To Go As Miley Cyrus For Halloween

Halloween 2013, meet your “Gangnam Style.”

1. Paris Hilton gave the foam finger and onesie a shot.

2. Of course, so did this guy.

3. This guy added a full bodysuit.

5. This girl decided to go as the wrecking ball.

7. Some people are going as Miley mid-wrecking ball ride.

8. Costume legs are a must if you want to pull this off.

9. But feel free to think outside of the box!

10. Classy and sophisticated.

12. The standby is, of course, to go as Miley and Robin Thicke.

14. But why stop there?

16. Miley and her bear work just as well.

17. This guy has a pretty good rundown of how to put together a last-minute Miley costume if you’re working on a budget.

18. But remember, Miley Cyrus costumes aren’t just for humans.

20. Tottie the pug, here, is a total pro.

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