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The Five Types Of Neighbors You Should Hope You Never Live Next To

Location, location, location, realtors will say. But that beautiful house in that fantastic location isn’t as beautiful and fantastic if you have obnoxious neighbors. Chances are at some point or another you’ve dealt with neighbors that were less than ideal, and it’s really no fun. Whether you're renting or buying, make sure you scout out the area in hopes of avoiding living near any of these nasty neighbors.

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1. The Overly Friendly Guy

When you move in, you might be excited to meet this guy. Maybe he invites you over for a beer, or to watch the game. Soon, however, he seems to think that you guys are best friends. You can’t be home for five minutes before this guy comes knocking on your door, asking if you want to hang out!

If you end up living near the overly friendly guy, try to drop subtle hints that you’re busy or tired. Rather than coming flat out and saying you’re getting annoyed of him, try your best to be friendly so as not to create an awkward situation.

2. The Dude Who Enjoys His Bass a Little too Much

Is there anything worse than coming home from work, expecting to enjoy a little bit of piece and quiet, only to hear your neighbor’s bass cranked louder than a three day hip hop festival? Maybe the bass is rattling so loud that your house starts to shake! Living next to someone who enjoys the bass frequently at loud volumes can be a seriously stressful experience. If you live in an apartment community, try talking to the community manager about the problem. If you live in a house, dealing with a noisy neighbor can be a major headache.

3. The Lady Who Has Like 8 Cats

Living next to a crazy cat lady can be an interesting experience. You might catch a glimpse through her window of the army of cats she has, and get a little bit terrified. While you don’t have much to worry about living next to a crazy cat lady, the smell might get a little bit out of hand. She will likely tend to stick to herself, which can be a good thing if you aren’t a cat person yourself.

4. The Person Who Spies on Everything

Having a nosy neighbor can be a recipe for disaster. When you’re in your apartment or home, you have a reasonable expectation of privacy, and when someone tries to violate that privacy it can be bad. Whether it’s peeking over the fence or through your curtains, having a neighbor who wants nothing more than to get in your business is awful. Try to make very clear that you’re not interested in being spied on!

5. The Slob

Last, but definitely not least, is the slob. Having a slob for a neighbor is gross. Seeing beer cans pile up on a lawn that hasn't been mowed in six months is a site that no one should have to see. It's tough to live next to a slob, especially if there isn't much you can do about it. It might be worth approaching this person if they are friendly enough, but if you're worried about confrontation calling the sanitation department might be the only option