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Five TV Characters We Wish We Could Spend More Time With

Bonding with a character on a television show is what makes the show great. With thousands of characters throughout the history of television, it’s a shame when one has to go. Be it through an untimely death on the show or a cancelled season, it’s always sad when your favorite character is no longer around. We’ve compiled a list of some of our favorite television characters who we no longer are able to share new adventures. Fortunately, we always have Netflix and reruns!

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Michael Scott

What’s to say about Michael Scott, one of the goofiest, out-of-it, yet compassionate bosses in the history of television? When Michael Scott left The Office, it felt as if a family member moved to another state. The often-quotable boss would make up words, get himself into awkward situations, and usually find himself in trouble with HR.

It all ended well for Michael though, as he left the show and married the love of his life Holly, and ended up having a pair of kids.

Tony Soprano

Tony Soprano was one of the most polarizing television characters in the history of television, and what we would give for just a few more episodes of him at the helm! Mr. Soprano is the kind of guy who will commit a murder while taking his daughter to tour colleges (as evidenced in the very first episode).

A family man in more ways than one, James Gandolfini’s portrayal of Tony Soprano won just about every award out there, while also giving influence to a host of newer characters such as Don Draper and Walter White.

The Seinfeld Cast

Is it even debatable that the Seinfeld core bunch is one of the funniest groups of characters in the history of television? Spanning nine seasons and 180 episodes, Seinfeld was truly the pinnacle of American television, and no one ever expected a “show about nothing” could be so funny.

Fortunately, the cast was reunited briefly on the show Curb Your Enthusiasm. With numerous Twitter parody accounts popping up about what sorts of problems the cast would face nowadays, we can only wish that Seinfeld came back for a few more seasons.

Walter White

While Mr. White met an unfortunate end during the finale of the incredible show Breaking Bad, we can all reflect kindly on his presence during the five seasons of the hit show. Sure, he may have had his flaws, but Walter White did it all because of the love for his family!

Bryan Cranston’s award winning portrayal of Walter White throughout the five seasons left viewers wanting more. While we unfortunately won’t be able to see Walter White on TV anymore, a spinoff of Breaking Bad called “Better Caul Saul” is coming to cable and DIRECTV sets next year.

Kenny Powers

He may not have the cleanest mouth in the history of television, but Kenny Powers provided laughs like no other. HBO confirmed that season 4 of Eastbound and Down would be the last, meaning the days of laughing at Kenny Powers' ridiculous hijinks are over.

Fortunately for everyone, we got to spend four fine seasons with the ace and followed him all over the map in hopes of returning to glory. In the words of the great Mr. Powers..."You're f#$&ing out!"

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