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47 Questions We Still Have After The "Pretty Little Liars" Summer Of Answers

For a summer of answers, we still have a lot of questions.

1. Who killed Mrs D?

2. Are Mr D and Jason OK?

3. Are the wine moms still trapped in the basement?

4. Why does Sara Harvey, aka the worst character in the show WHO WE ONLY JUST MET, get two important, mysterious roles – Black Widow AND Red Coat?

5. And why did she have to dress up in disguise at the funeral if none of the girls knew who she was?

6. WHY was Sara helping CeCe? Why did she leave home in the first place? What was she doing the rest of the time, when Cece was in Radley?!

7. If Mona was lucid enough to help CeCe escape Radley under the condition they play the game together, how did Mona not know who A is?

8. And what’s with all Mona’s damn singsong rhymes/messages?

9. But didn't Mona KNOW?!

10. What happened to Mona? Did she escape the tech lair?

11. Why was Wren so shady? Why did he show Mona that picture of the family at the farm and colour it in?

12. Is Wren really a doctor?

13. Why did Wren sign a visitor pass for CeCe when CeCe was a patient?

14. And what the hell was this "Radley prank" story that got Mrs D so mad, when CeCe was actually a patient, and Jessica KNEW this?

15. Why would CeCe dress like this again, if she's trying to rid herself of Charles' identity?

16. How did CeCe have time to build that whole dollhouse and also terrorise the girls at the same time?

17. How and why does CeCe have access to things such as cadavers and bones?

18. How did CeCe insert the chips in the Liars? Or the note in Hanna’s tooth?

19. Why did CeCe harm Jason in the elevator shaft? Didn’t she “just want to get back to her family”?

20. If CeCe was torturing the girls to try and find Ali, then why did she dress up as Red Coat in order to help Ali?

21. Why did CeCe love dressing the girls up in their 2007 fashion? What was with her obsession with Aria's pink streaks?

22. Why did Sara rescue the Liars from the fire? Whose side was she on?

23. Why was Jenna so scared of CeCe? Did she know the truth?

24. Why was Melissa helping Shana and Jenna?

25. Jason said he saw Melissa talking to CeCe the night Alison disappeared, but CeCe says it wasn't her. Who was Melissa talking to that night?

26. Who put blood in Spencer’s bag in London?

27. And BTW, are Wren and Melissa just living it up in London like a totally normal couple?

28. Where were all the partners? Were they not concerned?

29. Is Caleb’s new job legit?

30. How is Hanna paying for college if the Carassimi thing was all fake?

31. What was that damn poem Marlene posted to Instagram all about?

32. What happened to Eddie Lamb? What was with him recognising Aria?

33. What were Bethany's drawings about?

34. Is it really that easy to just make money in stocks?

35. Who burnt Cyrus? How does Varjack fit in?

36. What was up with Mrs Grunwald? If she's a psychic, why couldn't she give a hint as to what was going on?

37. What did Maya know?

38. What was with the ghost in Hanna’s house?

39. If Mona killed Bethany, and Melissa buried her, how did Alison’s bracelet get on her wrist?

40. What kind of mental hospital lets their child patients out on the roof at night?

41. How did Wilden cover up Marion's murder when he would have been a child at the time?

42. Did CeCe really kill and eat Tippi?!

43. Will Emily get her tattoo removed?

44. Who took Emily to Ali’s dug-up grave and why?

45. Who did Aria stab on the train with a screwdriver?

46. Did the writers really think CeCe being trans and locked away in Radley would be a good motivation for all the crazy, fucked up shit she did?

47. And how did no one see how problematic and damaging making their only trans character a psychotic killer would be?!

As commenters have pointed out, Caleb's new job is funding Hanna's college tuition so that answers number 30. Oops! The finale fried our brains.