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47 Questions We Still Have After The "Pretty Little Liars" Summer Of Answers

For a summer of answers, we still have a lot of questions.

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7. If Mona was lucid enough to help CeCe escape Radley under the condition they play the game together, how did Mona not know who A is?

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And if she did know, in the finale, why was Mona back on the Liars' side?

11. Why was Wren so shady? Why did he show Mona that picture of the family at the farm and colour it in?

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And that phone call: “I’ve taken care of my part, now you take care of yours.” WHO WAS HE TALKING TO?!

13. Why did Wren sign a visitor pass for CeCe when CeCe was a patient?

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If CeCe were in the same time as Mona, Wren would have to know she was a patient. Also, the patient she was visiting wasn't Mona, according to the patient number on it.

31. What was that damn poem Marlene posted to Instagram all about?

And literally all the other clues that have pointed at anything other than CeCe?!

As commenters have pointed out, Caleb's new job is funding Hanna's college tuition so that answers number 30. Oops! The finale fried our brains.

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