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34 Unforgettable Back-To-School Things All ’90s Teenage Girls Did

Slip on your old pair of chunky sneakers and take a walk down memory lane.

19 Travelers Who Went Too Far

And you thought your flight was rough.

23 Things Everyone Who Grew Up A Book Nerd Will Understand

Why are you reading? Wouldn't you rather play???

Kristen Stewart On Her Sexuality: "Google Me, I'm Not Hiding"

"I don’t feel like it would be true for me to be like, 'I’m coming out!’" the actor told Nylon in her cover interview.

17 Graphs That Are Way Too Real For Introverts

You say party o'clock, I say bedtime.

The Cast Of "The Office" In Their First Episode Vs. Their Last Episode

Time flies when you're having fun at Dunder Mifflin.

This Is What Disney Princesses Look Like Without Makeup

Use the slider to magically wipe off their makeup.

These 4 Questions Will Determine If You're A Morning Or Night Person

Are you more likely to stay up until 5am or get up at that time?

This Guy Tried Out For The All-Female Miami Heat Dance Squad And SLAYED

He didn't make the team, but he's still dancing toward stardom.

19 Tweets That Are Way, Way Too Real For Every Middle Child

It's always "Marcia, Marcia, Marcia!"

A Woman Wrote An Open Letter To The Man Who Called Her Fat During A Run

She wanted to tell him: “I am not ashamed of my body.”

Kim Kardashian Silenced Her Haters With This Badass Naked Selfie

"I've learned to love my body at every stage!"

I Asked Atheists How They Find Meaning In A Purposeless Universe

If there's no afterlife or reason for the universe, how do you make your life matter? Warning: The last answer may break your heart.

Two Women Are Showing How Damaging Stereotypes Can Be With These Powerful Photos

The "I'm Tired" Project was started to raise awareness of the debilitating impact of everyday discrimination.

17 American Things All Aussie Girls Were Envious Of Growing Up

What is a homecoming dance and why can't I attend one?

Target Is Making All Of Its Kids' Stuff Gender Neutral

No more boys' toys or girls' bedding.

21 Flawlessly Romantic Gifts For Sarcastic People

"I love you" = "I'm so glad we both swiped right."

Incredible 18-Year-Old Singer's Voice Sounds Like It Is Naturally Auto-Tuned

That vocal quality that so many pop stars pay to have added to their tracks? It's called talent, and Emma Robinson has plenty of it.

A News Anchor Had An Epic Rant After Hearing One Too Many Kardashian Stories

"I'm sick of this family, I can't take it anymore! It's a nonstory!"

13 Reasons No Man Will Ever Surpass Heath Ledger In "10 Things I Hate About You"

Like most pre-teens, I thought I'd meet someone like Patrick Verona in high school. I did not. But he should still be your #1 dream man.

This Is How A Man Travelled To Every Country In The World Without Needing To Quit His Job

Gunnar Garfors became the youngest hobby traveller to visit all 198 countries in the world, and he did it all while keeping his full-time job.

How Well Do You Actually See The Color Blue?

♫I'm blue da ba dee da ba die♫

Here's What Happened When We Went To An "Elite" Dating App's Party

The League, a dating app dubbed "Tinder for elites," threw an exclusive party in the Hamptons, because of course it did.

Can We Guess Your Zodiac Sign Based On Your Favorite TV Show?

"I'm not superstitious, but I'm a little stitious."

Benedict Cumberbatch Has Begged Fans To Stop Filming Him During "Hamlet"

He gave an impromptu speech to fans outside the stage door, saying people filming in the audience was a "mortifying" experience for him.

Miley Cyrus Slams Taylor Swift's Role Model Status Over "Bad Blood" Video

"I'm not sure how titties are worse than guns."

24 Things Every Girl Who Loves Beauty Products Will Understand

"Product is discontinued." *Cries for eternity*

Are You More One Direction Or 5 Seconds Of Summer?

She looks so perfect because she don't know she's beautiful.

23 Insanely Awesome And Inexpensive Things You Need For Your Bedroom

Whether it's in a dorm, an apartment, a house, or a castle — you need cool shit for your room.

19 Things Only People Who Spend Too Much Money Will Understand

"This is fine, this is totally fine" – you every single day.

21 Beauty Icons Who Aren't Marilyn Monroe

"Marilyn Monroe she's quite nice, but why all the pretty icons always all white?" -Jay-Z

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