24 Hilarious Workout Tips From Celebrity DVDs

Spandex strictly necessary.

1. Work out wherever - and whenever - you can. For example, while bathing.

From Angela Landsbury’s Positive Moves.

2. Or next time you’re on a roof.

From Claudia Schiffer’s Upper Body Workout.

3. Or in a queue.

From Sandy Duncan’s The Five-Minute Workout.

4. Or near an unexplained chair on a beach.

From Cindy Crawford’s Shape Your Body Workout.

5. Borrow some moves from the ’70s.

From Jane Fonda’s Fat-Burning Funk Workout.

6. But don’t just stretch your body. Your eyes and mouth need a workout too.

From Dixie Carter’s Unworkout.

7. Actually, just stretch your entire face.

From Milton Berle’s Low Impact/High Quality Workout.

8. And your boobs. Definitely your boobs.

From Jennifer Elison’s West End Workout.

9. Leather is the best material to run in.

From TOWIE’s The Essexcercise Workout.

10. If your routine’s particularly strenuous, TAKE A BREAK.

From Estelle Getty’s Young At Heart - Body Conditioning.

11. And if it all gets a bit too much, march. Just march.

From O.J. Simpson’s Minimum Fitness For Men.

12. It’s important to keep your head very still. Of all the things, your head should be the stillest.

Julianne Hough’s Dancing Workout.

13. But you should flick your hair. A lot.

From Fabio’s Fabio Fitness .

14. If possible, exercise close to a giant, pink shoe.

From Katie Price’s The Jordan Workout.

15. Or a piano.

From Natalie Cassidy’s Then And Now Workout.

16. Accessorise your bright, yellow spandex with a novelty bandana and the largest belt buckle known to man.

From Latoya Jackson’s Step-Up Workout.

17. And make sure your shoelaces match the rest of your outfit.

From Hannah Waterman’s Body Blitz Fitness.

18. Alternatively, dress head to toe in just one colour.

From Heather Locklear’s Your Personal Workout.

19. Or in lingerie.

From Cher’s Cher Fitness: A New Attitude.

20. Or you could just strip.

From Carmen Electra’s Aerobic Striptease.

21. Use your eyes to seduce whoever’s watching you.

From Hollyoaks’ Dance Workout.

22. Make sure your face is really, really close to your assistant’s face.

From Mark Wahlberg’s The Marky Mark Workout.

23. Failing that, make sure your crotch is really, really close to your assistant’s face.

From Ryan Giggs’ Giggs Fitness.

24. And, above all, remember to smile.

From Zsa Zsa Gabor’s It’s Simple Darling.

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