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    19 RIDICULOUS Lies People Told On Tinder And Somehow Got Away With...?

    "I once created a Tinder profile just to try and catfish my brother..."

    Recently, we asked the BuzzFeed Community to tell us the funniest and craziest lies they've ever told on Tinder. Here are some of our ~faves~:

    1. V for "Vagina-less"

    "I literally told a guy I didn’t have a vagina to get him to go away. The crazy thing isn’t the fact that he believed me, but that he got more interested in my sex life after thinking I was vagina-less." —hollys43f0ca016

    2. The School Masc-NOT INTERESTED!

    "I told my match that I couldn’t go out on a date because I was secretly the school mascot and I had to perform at the game that night. And every other subsequent Friday night." —riverjessicar

    3. The Shower Power Move

    "Note the passage of time." —mooretori

    4. Pulling a "Miranda"

    "I pulled a Miranda from Sex and the City and said I was a flight attendant. Being decently well-traveled, I was able to give anecdotes about several random cities and countries offhand. It was always so much easier (and more fun) to blow off a guy by saying, 'Sorry, I have an early flight to Ireland tomorrow.' And I mean, it should've been pretty obvious that I was lying since the closest airport to my location was over an hour away, but since some guys were gullible enough to believe it, I didn’t feel too bad about playing the part." —alisonm10

    5. The ~College Con Artist~

    "I made up this whole fake story about how I was a college student who went to school in the city, but went home on the weekends. I said I was working three jobs to send money home, and really played up the broke college student struggle. So anyway, a few of the guys I match with are like, “Is there any way I can help you out?” and several ended up offering to send me money. THESE GUYS STARTED SENDING ME, LIKE, $50 EACH. That went on for a few weeks, so I was making bank on this whole thing. I think all together I probably made around $800." —kaylak4cb44312a

    6. The Family Catfish

    "I once created a Tinder profile just to try and catfish my brother so I could show our parents that he does, in fact, try and hook up with random girls." —klplpc

    7. The TRUMPed-Up Flirtationship

    "During the last elections, I matched with a guy only to later find out he was a Trump supporter — I am NOT. Once he messaged me, I started to quote sexist things Trump has said just to mess with him. I wrote, 'A person who is flat-chested is very hard to be a ten,' and 'I've said that if Ivanka weren't my daughter, perhaps I'd be dating her.' He was constantly agreeing with me, and soon enough, I couldn't take it anymore! I quickly shot in my two cents about Bernie and blocked him." —skyeheth


    8. The Unfaithful Fate

    "One faithful evening, my friend and I were wondering who was on Tinder at our small Christian college. We didn't want to make our own accounts, so we used her friend's picture and made a fake one. We were swiping away, having a grand old time, when we stumbled upon a guy who we both knew had a girlfriend. We matched with him, chatted for a little, and asked him what he was looking for. He responded, 'Oh, just something casual...' and we replied, "What does your girlfriend think about that?' He unmatched us." —lolsupgurl

    9. The Last Name Swerve™

    "I started talking to this guy on Tinder and things seemed to be going well, so we switched to texting. Over a few days, I started to not feel it anymore, but he kept on reaching out. Eventually, he asked for my last name 'for his contacts.' I knew he was trying to Facebook stalk me, so in a moment of genius, I told him I was rebranding and no longer had a last name. He stopped texting me after that." —adjat

    10. EXCHANGE-ing Information

    "I go by my middle name, and at a social event for exchange students, a guy came up to me and said, 'I think we matched on Tinder.' I freaked out and said I didn’t have an account. He looked confused, and then asked me my name. I told him my first name. I think he got the hint and left. I felt bad and deactivated Tinder after that." —hallenobles

    11. Home Sweet Rite Aid

    "I convinced this guy that I lived in a Rite Aid and slept in the toothpaste aisle. Not sure why he believed me." —nicolel4106473fe

    12. The Sex Tape Trap

    "The link was a Rick Roll, obviously." —alissainwonderland

    13. I Declare That Everything You Are Saying Is a Parks and Rec Reference

    "For several weeks, I made my entire Tinder bio April Ludgate quotes. I only responded to messages in April Ludgate quotes as well. Only one person got it, and the majority of the men continued to try and converse with me like the things I was saying were perfectly normal. For example, 'My instinct is to be mean to you,' and 'I declare that everything you are saying is stupid,' were popular talking points." —saraf45be50781

    14. The Good Ol' "Propose Then Dispose"

    "One night, I went on Tinder and proposed to every guy I matched with. Most of the responses were hilarious, but eventually I had to delete my account because one guy took it too far and wanted my personal info so he could buy us plane tickets to Vegas." —e43203c830

    15. N000-000-000 WAY

    "My friend was having a bad day, so to cheer her up, I played dumb to a guy on Tinder who kept sending me disgustingly suggestive messages like this. Only kept talking to him so my friend could laugh. Worth it!" —micheller4f34d530b

    16. The Tinder Therapist

    "There was this one guy who I pretended to psychologically ~read~ by using a lot of blanket statements. I told him how I knew he’d been hurt before, and how he was only using Tinder for a friends with benefits relationship because of his fear of commitment. After about 20 minutes, he claimed I somehow knew him better than any girl he’d ever met. LOL!" —kohnegirl

    17. My Chest, My Back

    18. The Salt Bae of Weed

    "One time, I convinced this guy that I cook marijuana leaves in olive oil, season it with garlic salt, and then eat it to get high. He genuinely believed me and asked me to make it for him some time." —shruthit


    19. And lastly, the Former Legends of the Hidden TINDER Champion

    "The only line in this guy's Tinder profile was, 'Former Legends of the Hidden Temple Champion.' As a lover of 90’s Nickelodeon, I had to swipe right to find out if it was true. It wasn’t, but I scored a solid boyfriend in the process!" —allisonr9

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    Submissions have been edited for length and/or clarity.

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