21 Celebrity Wax Figures That Are Hilariously Bad

    "SKSKSKSKkskskjkjksjkjs" —a wax figure maker while sculpting Liam Payne's 2015 wax figure

    1. Both Ariana wax figures are abominations. This is fact:

    2. Prince William...I have no words:

    3. Nick Jonas's wax figure forever looks like he's prairie dogging:

    4. You can see the polite disappointment in Real Kevin's eyes here and I love that:

    (Joe's was, like, passable.)

    5. Whoever put Barack Obama in a "Dabbin' through the snow" ironic Christmas sweater quite honestly committed the highest form of treason:

    6. Beyoncé:

    7. Just...everything about Trump's wax figure:


    9. One Direction circa 2015 was just a whole mess:

    10. I mean, Harry Styles?

    11. Louis Tomlinson?

    12. Niall Horan?

    13. ZAYN.....??!?!?!?!?!?!?!

    14. And LIAM PAYNE!!!!!!!! *Gaga voice* I have to laugh:

    15. Speaking of Gaga, hers is, like, okay, but just doesn't look like her in the slightest:

    16. And I just wanna talk to whoever curated Justin Bieber's eyebrows:

    17. Poor Kimmy got her wax figure done before the rest of her fam (aka before the wax figure makers got really, REALLY good at making them):

    18. Legend has it that this is David Beckham, but I honestly cannot confirm or deny:

    19. "Christina Aguilera":

    20. CRISTIANO RONALDO??!?!?!?!?! SKSKsksjkjsk:

    21. And lastly, Ed Sheeran: