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    67 Underrated Jokes From "The Office" Guaranteed To Make You Laugh

    "That has sort of an oaky afterbirth."

    We asked the BuzzFeed Community which underrated The Office moments always made them laugh. Here are the hilarious results.

    1. When Michael gave a toast at Phyllis's wedding:

    2. When Pam was going into labor, and everyone panicked:

    3. When Phyllis won an interesting Dundie Award:

    4. When Holly showed Kevin that she wasn't wearing an engagement ring:

    5. When Creed wanted to set Jim up with his daughter:

    6. When Michael was heartbroken and kept listening to the iTunes preview of "Goodbye My Lover" on repeat:

    7. When Kelly had an emergency:

    8. When Creed used the printer to dye his hair black:

    9. When Michael was convinced that he ran 31 miles per hour:

    10. When Ryan smacked the bouquet away from Kelly so she couldn't catch it:

    11. When Dwight had a Freudian slip:

    12. When Dwight tricked Michael:

    13. When there was drama in the Party Planning Committee:

    14. When Michael was determined to cheer himself up:

    15. When Stanley tried to trump Schrute Bucks:

    16. When Ryan put in zero effort for the Mexican-themed party:

    17. When Jo's dogs got a little too vocal:

    18. When Michael had a few nicknames for Jim:

    19. When Andy thought about his future:

    20. When Angela was a saboteur:

    21. When Charles accidentally kicked Phyllis in the face with a soccer ball:

    22. When Ryan was scared for his life:

    23. When Michael needed to tell Dwight his PIN:

    24. When Jim convinced Dwight he was turning into a vampire:

    25. When Michael burned his foot on the George Foreman Grill:

    26. When Kelly was honest about herself:

    27. When Michael tried to impress the mob:

    28. When there was an office-wide debate about Hilary Swank's hotness:

    29. When Erin was a professional chef:

    30. When Stanley was all of us:

    31. When Michael wanted to make an entrance:

    32. When Phyllis got real:

    33. When Erin threw away her disposable camera:

    34. When Dwight gave a beautiful eulogy for his aunt:

    35. When Jan said "the way you dress reflects who you aspire to be," and Angela wasn't having any of it:

    36. When Ed Truck died:

    37. When Andy hit his breaking point:

    38. When Creed revealed his secret past:

    39. When Dwight and Jim decorated the conference room for Kelly's birthday:

    40. When Michael used the internet to look for a new job:

    41. When everyone tried to guess Pam's weight:

    42. When Pam was the only one who dressed up for Halloween in New York:

    43. When Michael said this true gem:

    44. When Stanley dreamed about jury duty:

    45. When Andy threw up in Gabe's bed and then covered it with a pillow:

    46. When Erin's real name was actually Kelly:

    47. When Michael puked after loading up on carbs for the race:

    48. When Dwight caused a chain reaction of vomit in the office:

    49. When Creed collected chairs:

    50. When Oscar tried to talk in a Southern accent:

    51. When Darryl started to feed a squirrel during the rabies awareness run:

    52. When Kelly put Gabe in his place:

    53. When Ryan set up a fake blog for Creed:

    54. When Kelly had a huge life update:

    55. When Michael was just poopin':

    56. When Michael revealed that he slept with Pam's mom:

    57. When Phyllis tried to set Michael up on a date:

    58. When Jim questioned Michael's palate:

    59. When Todd Packer had an interesting license plate:

    60. When Jim was truly the prank master:

    61. When Gabe was the only one who was excited for his birthday:

    62. When Holly helped Kevin count money for the vending machine:

    63. When everyone was trapped in the parking lot, and Toby put his hand on Pam's knee:

    64. When everyone was trying to slow down Pam's labor:

    65. When Andy crashed the golf cart:

    66. When Phyllis realllllllllly bothered Kelly:

    67. And when Michael ate an entire family-sized chicken pot pie and fell asleep, so everyone changed the clocks so they could leave early:

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